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How to install the Windows Amaya Binary Release

After a download, the Amaya installation process is automatic. You have to doubleclick on the amaya setup program and follow the instructions of the setup process. A short cut is automatically added to the Windows start menu and you can use your own short cut by creating it from the amaya icon generated by the setup program.

If you choose to install amaya in the directory X (by default C:\Program Files), the setup program will create a new directory called X\Amaya populated with a few files and directories. The amaya.exe file is located in the directory X\Amaya\Windows\bin.

Install troubles

If you have any trouble with a .exe file downloaded with a browser, you can try to download the same file with the ftp application from our server

> cd amaya
> bi
> get amaya-xxx.exe

How to change the dialogue language

New By default Amaya works with an English dialogue and comes with an English in-line documentation. Other dialogues (French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Finnish) and other version of the in-line documentation (French, German, Spanish) are also available provided the user downloads the extra amayadoc file as explained in

When other dialogues are installed, the user can change the dialogue language through the configuration menu Special > Preferences > General (fr for French, de for German, es for Spanish, pt for Portuguese, it for Italian, and fi for Finnish).

Irčne Vatton
Date: 2006-01-13

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