Amaya W3C

Current Amaya Platforms

This document is an attempt to lists the platfoms on which Amaya has been sucessfully compiled.

The table below lists the Platform whether amaya is known to work using the libWWW for network access. The last column indicates whether:

system supported
Sun worstations running Solaris supported
PC running Debian Linux provided
PC running Fedora Core 3 Linux 
PC running Fedora Core 2 Linux 
compatible with Mandrake and Suse Linux
PC running Gentoo provided
Sun workstations running Linux supported
SGI worstation running Irix supported
IBM workstations running AIX 4.1 supported
Alpha workstations running OSF/1 supported
PC running a.out versions of Linux supported
PowerPC running Linux supported
PC running Unixware supported
PC running FreeBSD supported
PC running
Windows NT/2000/XP
PC running
Windows 95/98
Mac OS-X provided

See how to compile Amaya for a new achitecture.

Irčne Vatton
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