How to install the Amaya Source Release

The Amaya Source Tree

Below is the picture of the whole tree built from the source archives for Amaya.

We assume that the right archive needed has been fetched from W3C or INRIA servers, namely and stored in /tmp :

warningThe Amaya compilation differs on PC/Windows platforms. See Compiling Amaya On Windows NT for more information on how to compile and install Amaya.

On Unix platforms, the tree is created by invoking the following commands in the directory of choice (it will create the Amaya sub-directory) :

gunzip -c /tmp/amaya-src-yyy.tar.gz | tar xvf -

Be sure to have plenty of room available, compiling a debug version of Amaya can use up to 100 Mbytes of disk space. A non-debug one shouldn't use more than 50 Mbytes.

list of directories

The tree is made of (from top to bottom):

Amaya uses autoconf to to set-up the compilation environment and build the binaries on Unix platforms. See next step Compiling Amaya with autoconf for more information on how to compile and install Amaya on Unix platforms.

Irčne Vatton
Date: 2007-07-10

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