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Compiling Amaya On Windows

This document explains how to compile the Amaya environment (schemas compilers and the binary) from the distributed source tree. All makefiles are included with the source tar file.

Document Contents

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Makefiles needed to build Amaya
  3. Building AmayaWX
  4. Building Amaya (old Win32 user interface)


Files needed to build Amaya

Check that you have following library directories distributed with Amaya

Check that your directory Amaya\WindowsWX contains the following directories and files:

Building AmayaWX

  1. Load the wxWidgets workspace wxWidgets/build/msw/wx.dsw and launch the batch build
    Please select "dll", "unicode", and "release" and/or "debug" according to your intention to compile a release or a debug version of amaya.
  2. Load the freetype workspace freetype/builds/win32/visualc/freetype.dsw and build
  3. Load the amaya workspace Amaya\WindowsWX\amaya.dsw
  4. Select the sub-project amaya (see menu Project/Set Active Project) and build it. (F7).

    The compiling first build Amaya compilers and should display a window.

  5. Choose "File/Build" (or F7), to start these compilers and generate .STR, .PRS, .TRA, .APP, and .h files needed for building Amaya.
  6. You need to close this window to continue the Amaya build.

Irène Vatton
Date: 2009-03-04

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