The <fret> element

Parent elements: <frame-note>, <technical>

The <fret> element is used with tablature notation and chord diagrams. Fret numbers start with 0 for an open string and 1 for the first fret.




Name Type Required? Description
color color No Indicates the color of an element.
font-family font-family No A comma-separated list of font names.
font-size font-size No One of the CSS sizes or a numeric point size.
font-style font-style No Normal or italic style.
font-weight font-weight No Normal or bold weight.


This element is used in the following examples:

<barre>, <bend>, <fingering> (Frame), <fret> (Frame), <pluck>, <pre-bend>, <release>, <tap>, <technical> (Tablature), Tutorial: Chord Symbols, Tutorial: Tablature