W3C Fact Sheet
May 2020

This report, dated May 29, 2020, was prepared for the May 2020 Virtual W3C Advisory Committee Meeting (W3C Member link). It accompanies the W3C Strategic Highlights – May 2020. For the previous edition, see the September 2019 fact sheet. Some links may be Member-only.

Membership, Staff

  • 429 Members as of May 29, 2020
  • 64 W3C Team members, who are full-time or part-time, amounting to 50.14 FTE (member-only link)
    • New Staff:
      • Nick Telford-Reed (Payments, May 2020)
      • Bill Judge (CFO, April 2020)
      • Jiaying Liang (Systeam, March 2020)
    • Staff left:
      • Eric Eggert (WAI Team, Fellow from Knowbility, Inc., March 2020)
      • Max Wyneken (CFO, October 2019)
  • W3C Fellows:

Technical Reports

291 Technical Reports were published between September 5th 2019 to May 29th 2020. 80 transition requests were reviewed by the Director.


The W3C Strategy function maintains the Strategy Funnel to coordinate among communities developing new work. We explore, investigate, and help incubate that work, evaluate its readiness for the standards-track, and shepherd chartering when ready.

Strategy Funnel tracks new activity:

Upcoming virtual workshop: W3C/OGC Joint Workshop Series on Maps for the Web.

Read more about the Strategy Funnel and contribute on GitHub.


W3C succeeds only if it actually gets the work done that it is committed to deliver. The W3C Project function focuses on meeting all of the milestones of all of the groups, facilitating the work of Team Contacts, Chairs, and Editors to ensure that the work is moving forward appropriately, and driving the work necessary to achieve operational success.


W3C Community and Business Groups

Thousands of inactive accounts were purged early 2020.

Marketing & Communications

The W3C Marketing & Communications team handles internal and external communications:

  • Positive communication of who W3C is and what W3C does for the Web overall;
  • Building W3C's influence & improving W3C's reputation;
  • Support of W3C Business Development in recruiting efforts;
  • Support of W3C Working/Interest Groups operations (i.e., Communications execution of the Process Document);
  • Support of W3C Members.

Since the previous report, the following highlights are worthy of consideration:

Member Relations

The W3C Member Relations function ensures excellent relationships with and participation from our Members. Responsibilities include:

  • Support global Members. Ensure that we are overcoming barriers of time zone, culture, and language;
  • Share W3C information to members;
  • Ensure Member satisfaction and retain existing Members.
  • Listen and learn about Members' business priorities and concerns;
  • Provide input from stakeholders to Strategy Management.

Since the previous report, the following highlights are worthy of consideration:

  • Trying to introduce a translation-support system for W3C major meetings, in cooperation with the W3C Advisory Board. For the AC 2020 virtual meeting, both the W3C Systems team and W3C Events team have been working on preparations for remote English captions and remote live interpretation in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.
  • Team Buddy program was provided for new AC Representatives: 46 requests/641 attendees at TPAC Fukuoka 2019.
  • Member Testimonials: 43/429 members


The W3C Systems Team provides and maintains the tools and infrastructure to make the W3C experience easy and the most effective. Its responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance of the W3C Website, Blogs and wikis (co-owned with W3C Marketing & Communications);
  • Data security, servers setup and maintenance, backups;
  • Group services and database, accounts management;
  • Mail and mailing lists setup;
  • Maintenance and migration of in-house tools.

Since the previous report, the following highlights are worthy of consideration:

  • Developed a new system to handle Non-participant licensing commiments per section 6.2.6 of the W3C Process document
  • Major update of mail hubs, mailing list server, and list archive software.
  • Usability and logic improvements to streamline account creation and change of affiliation workflows.
  • [In progress] New pages for groups and Member organizations (to be deployed imminently)
  • [In progress] W3C Website redesign phase 1 in 2020