About the Chinese Web Interest Group

Information about the Chinese Web Interest Group.

What we do (our charter)

The Chinese Web Interest Group provides a forum for W3C members to enhance the participation in Web standards work from the Chinese Web community. The group will focus primarily on identifying unique requirements from China, on helping the Chinese members to get familiar with the process of W3C standards activities, on discussion of technical ideas with the potential to be proposed to W3C, on standards testing and implementation, as well as corresponding standardization opportunities for W3C while assisting the participation and contribution from the Chinese Web community.

Our meetings

We post agendas and minutes for all Chinese Web IG meetings:



Task forces

Currently, we have two active task forces:

Get involved

We welcome comments and discussion from the Chinese web community, on GitHub and our email list.

We also welcome new members to Chinese Web IG.

Who we are

The Chinese Web WG co-chairs are Qing An (Alibaba), Yiling Gu (Baidu), Wanming Lin (Intel), and Zitao Wang (Huawei).

The W3C team contacts for the Chinese Web IG are Xiaoqian Wu and Xueyuan Jia.