W3C Fact Sheet
October 2018

This report was prepared for the October 2018 W3C Advisory Committee Meeting (W3C Member link). It accompanies the W3C Strategic Highlights – October 2018. For the previous edition, see the May 2018 fact sheet. Some links may be Member-only.

Membership, Staff

Technical Reports

166 Technical Reports were published between 8 May to 9 October 2018.


8 Recommendations (was 13 in May 2018)

  1. WCAG 2.1
  2. WebDriver
  3. Canonical EXI
  4. CSS Color Module Level 3
  5. CSS3 UI
  6. CSS Fonts Module Level 3
  7. WAI-ARIA Graphics Module
  8. Graphics Accessibility API Mappings

Other Types


Strategy Funnel tracks new activity. 

Read more about the Strategy Funnel and contribute on GitHub.


The Strategy Team is considering a number of workshops, on topics including: Strong Authentication and Identity; PWAs and Beyond: The Next Generation of Web Apps (Sakura); Web Standardization for Graph Data; Color on the Web; Advertising; Accessibility Guidelines Experience and Updates



W3C Community and Business Groups

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Online training


W3C is involved in liaisons and coordination with numerous organizations and SDOs to:

Ongoing/Upcoming work: