W3C in the Press - 2020

Below are recent articles about W3C in the international press. Please send articles you would like us to consider to w3t-pr@w3.org, with "[Article]" in the Subject line. We reserve the right to choose which articles we include.


Built In
16 July
Democratizing the Web Through Accessibility, Tammy Xu
Accessibility, HTML, W3C, WCAG, Web Accessibility Initiative


Siemens Global
17 June
A smart edge device has available capacity and provides data, Aenne Barnard
W3C, Web of Things


Mind Media
29 April
"Les advertising ID d'Apple et Google, s'ils sont partagés, peuvent constituer une solution optimale de ciblage publicitaire post-cookie" ("Apple and Google advertising IDs, if shared, can be an optimal post-cookie advertising targeting solution"), Jérôme Bouteiller
Privacy Interest Group, W3C, Wendy Seltzer
t3n – digital pioneers | Das Magazin für digitales Business
15 April
W3C-Recommendations: Web of Things ist offizieller Web-Standard (W3C Recommendations: Web of Things is an official Web standard),
W3C, Web of Things
15 April
W3C Finalizes Web of Things (WoT) Recommendations, Dylan Schiemann
W3C, Web of Things
15 April
W3C macht "Web of Things" zum Standard (W3C makes "Web of Things" a standard), Katharina Jochum
Jeff Jaffe, W3C, Web of Things
Heise Online
14 April
Web of Things ist offizieller W3C-Standard (Web of Things is an official W3C Standard), Rainald Menge-Sonnentag
W3C, Web of Things
13 April
Solution for IoT Interoperability – W3C Web of Things, A.R. Guess
Jeff Jaffe, W3C, Web of Things


Container Journal
23 March
Google Teams Up with Solo.io to Extend Istio, Mike Vizard
W3C, WebAssembly
The Next Web
15 March
These are the Web Accessibility Standards designers need to know, Yichen He
Accessibility, Accessible Rich Internet Applications, Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines, EARL, UAAG, W3C, WCAG, Web Accessibility Initiative, Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
Google Open Source Blog
12 March
WebAssembly brings extensibility to network proxies, Dan Ciruli
W3C, WebAssembly
04 March
Announcing an extended and improved WebAssembly Hub to bring the power of WebAssembly to Envoy and Istio, Idit Levine


12 February
Apple joins FIDO Alliance, commits to getting rid of passwords, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols
W3C, Web authentication
11 February
Apple Joins FIDO Alliance To Replace Passwords With Trusted Devices, Tom Jowitt
W3C, Web authentication
Mirage News
06 February
Accessibility: Essential for some, useful for all,
Accessibility, W3C, Web Accessibility Initiative
Australian Network on Disability
06 February
Accessibility: Essential for some, useful for all,
Accessibility, W3C, Web Accessibility Initiative


The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)
23 January
W3C launches Privacy Community Group,
Privacy Community Group, W3C