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Agenda Tuesday 26 October 2021 20:00 UTC (in your timezone [1])

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Chair: Caroline Burle

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TPAC Plenary Meeting

1. Do you have datasets you want people to discover?

  1.a Are you using DCAT already? If not, what is your reason?
    - Never heard of it
    - Looked at it but it doesn't meet our needs
    - Converting from what we do today to DCAT would be expensive

2. A primary goal of DCAT is to allow discovery of datasets. In fact, Google makes use of DCAT for its dataset search [2]. Are there datasets you need in your work, or that you provide, that would benefit from better discovery?

3. Are there types of datasets you wanted to describe and you can't do it in DCAT?

   3a. Are there other types of resources that you would like to manage with DCAT?

5. DCAT places all dataset metadata within the context of a catalog. Does this match how your datasets are provided? Would a more decentralized/less centralized approach meet your needs better? If so, do you have suggestions?

6. In a shared data environment there is a need to convey individual practices, often in the form of application profiles. As yet there is no general agreement on models for application profiles. The DXWG was asked to prepare a document giving guidance on application profiles, although not to create a vocabulary or model. Do you think you would find this useful in your work? If you do work with application profiles, what are the challenges you face?

7. Are you interested in using Guidance on publishing application profiles of vocabularies? If so, what are your suggestions to approach it?

8. DXWG grew out of the Data on the Web Best Practices Working Group (DWBP) [3]. It has focused on cataloging datasets (DCAT), allowing content negotiation by profile [4], and a vocabulary for describing files related to application profiles (PROF) [5]. Are there other aspects of Data on the Web that you think need attention? (note that these will not necessarily be added to the DXWG charter, but would be good to know)

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