From Dataset Exchange Working Group

Agenda Tuesday 3 April 2018 20:00 UTC (in your time zone)

Next meeting: April 17


Chair: Karen Coyle

Regrets: Antoine, Lars

Reminding attendees to put Present+ <nickname>

I. Appoint Scribe

II. Approve March 27 meeting minutes

III. Check who is on IRC and WebEx

F2F3 Planning

May 8-9 (Tuesday-Wednesday)


  • Frankfurt Deutsche Bibliotek Map
  • Zurich-Baar Thomson Reuters Map

Checking Open Action items


  • Additional Use Case on Real World Objects (J Pullmann)
  • Comments from Øystein

DCAT 1.1

Profile Negotiation

  • subgroup report

Survey results (dsr)

Joining instructions: (official participants and invited guests only)

WebEx Details

For text discussions, minutes, joining the speaker queue, actions & issues IRC channel: #dxwg on IRC on port 6667

Please be sure to join both IRC and WebEx and use the same nick in both (or it gets very confusing)

When you join the IRC channel, please immediately type 'present+ {yourname}' (this adds your name to the participants list in the minutes)