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Workshop on Social Standards: The Future of Business

7-8th August 2013, San Francisco, USA


W3C gratefully acknowledges AppFusions for hosting this workshop.

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If you're interested in being a sponsor, please contact J. Alan Bird at abird@w3.org or +1 617 253 7823. For additional information, please visit the Sponsorship program.

Important dates

8th July 2013:
Deadline for position papers
for possible presentation
(via email)

15th July 2013:
Program and position papers posted on the workshop website

31 July 2013:
Deadline for registration
(statement of interest required,
no participation fee)

Position Papers

  1. Are social media silos holding back business results? by Dion Hinchcliffe (The Dachis Group) [slides]
  2. SAP and Social Business by Mark Crawford (SAP) [slides]
  3. Social Networking Within the Boeing Company by Adam Boyet, Mark Bryant, Ann Bassetti (Boeing) [slides]
  4. An Enterprise Social Network Reference Architecture by Ed Krebs (Ford) [slides]
  5. Social Business Capabilities and Metrics by Don Buddenbaum (IBM) and Jeff Calusinski(IBM) [slides]
  6. Strategic Implications of A Social Standard for Business by Lloyd Fassett (Azteria) [slides]
  7. How social web standard design patterns help us ship faster by Monica Wilkinson (Crushpath) [slides]
  8. Thoughts on the Requirements for Social Networking by Dan Schutzer (BITS/Financial Services Roundtable) [slides]
  9. Using Linked Data to Extend OpenSocial in Research Networking by Eric Meeks, Brian Turner, Anirvan Chatterjee, and Leslie Yuan (University of San Francisco) [slides]
  10. Memory Connected: Extending Memory on the Web via Human-Centric Knowledge Exchange Network by Jie Bao and Li Ding (Memect) [slides]
  11. Opportunities and Challenges for Standardization in Mobile Social Networks by Laurent-Walter Goix (Telecom Italia) and Bryan Sullivan (AT&T) [slides]
  12. Social-Content Revolution. A Vision for the Future Social Oriented Networking by Yannick Le Louedec (Orange Labs) et al. [slides]
  13. General Event and Data model for App Developers by Jason Gary (IBM) and Jacques Perrault (IBM) [slides]
  14. Property Graphs by Ashok Malhotra (Oracle) [slides]
  15. Social Federation Standards: The Key to the Next Social Web by Matt Franklin (W20 Digital) [slides]
  16. JSON-LD by Gregg Kellogg [slides]
  17. The need for a PubSubHub, and how social plays into this need by Ed Krebs (Ford)[slides]
  18. Activities and Schema.org by Sam Goto (Google) [slides]
  19. OPENi Graph API Framework in the Social Standards Landscape by Iosif Alvertis et al. (NTUA) [slides]
  20. OpenSocial/W3C ­ Evolving with Web Components by Mark Weitzel (Jive) and Andy Smith (IBM) [slides]
  21. OpenSocial Integration Reference Implementations with IBM, Jive, Atlassian by Ellen Feaheny and Patrick Li (AppFusions) [slides]
  22. Mozilla's Social API by Shane Caraveo (Mozilla) [slides]
  23. Web Components by Dimitri Glazkov (Google) [slides]
  24. IndieWeb by Tantek Celik and Aaron Parecki (IndieWeb) [slides]
  25. Pump.io by Evan Prodromou (Status.Net) [slides]
  26. Minimally Viable Platform by Ben Werdmueller [slides]
  27. Open Mustard Seed: An ecosystem for personal data by Patrick Deegan (ID3) [slides]
  28. Four simple tips for web-page providers by Michiel De Jong (Unhosted)
  29. Sockethub - a polyglot approach to social messaging by Nick Jennings
  30. A Meta Social Networking Approach Towards Decentralization by PiliHu and Wing Cheong Lau (Chinese University of Hong Kong)