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Important dates

8 February 2014:
Deadline for expressions of
interest or position papers
for possible presentation
(via email)

8 March 2014:
Program and position papers posted on the workshop website

14 March 2014:
Deadline for registration
(statement of interest required,
no participation fee)

24-25 March 2014:

Read the Workshop Report.


Cleaned Minutes

Raw Minutes


Format: The agenda is structure with 6 main sessions of 2 hours. Each session will have a moderator and will follow a similar format:

  • 1 introductory speaker to speak for 15 minutes to provide an overview of the topic.
  • 4-8 panelists to speak for 15-30 minutes to offer seed ideas for discussion with the audience (ideas must have very little overlap w/ speaker introduction)
  • The remaining 75-90 minutes should be dedicated to exploratory discussion with the audience to discover areas where W3C could be effective (potential standardization initiatives).
  • Use cases and requirements will be tracked by someone assigned to keep track of use cases (separate from the Minutes taker).

Social Media & Minutes taking:

  • Twitter: #W3Cpayment
  • Irc: Irc is used by minute takers. We recommend participants to join http://irc.w3.org channel: #W3Cpayment

Day 1 (Monday 24th March)

8:00 Registration opens

09:00 Welcome

  • Welcome by Sponsors & host
  • Welcome from W3C - Jeff Jaffe, CEO of W3C [Slides]

09:30 Keynote Speaker Alexander Gee, Deputy Head of the Payments Unit for the European Commission's DG Competition [Slides]

10:00 Morning break

10:30 Session 1 — Overview of Current and Future Payment Ecosystems

  • Moderator: Charles McCathie Nevile (@chaals)
  • Minutes takers: Manu Sporny (@manusporny) / Bryan Sullivan (use-cases)
  • Presenters:
    • Stan Stalnaker (Hub Culture/Ven currency) [Slides]
    • Harish Natarajan (World Bank) [Slides]
    • Olivier Maas (Worldline) [Slides]
    • Evgeny Vinogradov (Yandex) [Slides]
    • Ken Isaacson (US Federal Reserve) [Slides]
    • Erik Anderson (Bloomberg)

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Session 2 — Toward an Ideal Web Payment Experience

Identifying how users want to pay is one issue, but implementing this is much more complex. The use cases associated with web payments involves a number of different players; banks, device manufacturers, network operators, security vendors etc. Use experience is another big issue; how do we create a user experience which works for everyone? Do we focus on "one for all" or adaptable systems which cater for different types of users? In this session we will be taking the key use cases for web payments and analysing the issues and questions associated with implementation. Key questions we will be answering include:

  • How do we want to pay across devices?
  • Does an "ideal user experience" exist and how would this work?
  • What are the business, legal and technological issues associated with implementing this "ideal user experience"?
  • What steps can we take to solve these issues?
  • What key UI features does the "ideal user experience" have?
  • What needs to happen within standardisation to help solve the key UI questions?

At the end of the session the audience and panelists should have an idea of the issues associated with implementations of payment systems, and a clear guidelines for how some of these can be overcome or worked through.

  • Moderator: Natasha Rooney
  • Minutes takers: Evan Schwartz / Martin Hepp (@mfhepp) (use-cases)
  • Presenters:
    • Overview: Manu Sporny (Digital Bazaar/Web Payment CG @manusporny) [Slides], Kumar McMillan (Mozilla) [Slides] /
    • Panel: Bryan Sullivan (AT&T), Daniel Appelquist (Telefonica), Manu Sporny (Digital Bazaar/Web Payment CG), Kumar McMillan (Mozilla)

15:30 Afternoon break

16:00 Session 3 — Back End: Banks, Regulation, and Future Clearing

This session will be covering Web Payments as an intersection of technology+people+finance. As the world starts moving toward digital money (nationalized and denationalized money) we will have a series of new issues to deal with from the Institutions, Brick&Mortar Banks, Reguluatory issues, and new Clearing Systems.

  • General overview and whats new out there?
  • Traditional Banking and how they are fitting into the new movements
  • Specific technologies that relate directly to this new space
  • How this new movement applies to C2C, C2B, B2B, B2C, P2P (C=Corp, B=Business, P=Peer)
  • Reporting and Regulations in the code. Code must include reporting and regulatory entry points so concerns can be address addressed via technology.


  • Moderator: Erik Anderson (@datasciencedev )
  • Minutes takers: Dave Raggett / Prakash Hariramani (use-cases)
  • Presenters:
    • Overview:
      • Evan Schwartz (Ripple) [Slides]
      • Harish Natarajan (World Bank) [Slides]
      • Jean Claude Barbezange (Worldline) [Slides]
    • Panel Participants: Max Raskin (CoinApex), Connie Theien (US Federal Reserve)

18:00 Closing

19:00 Social Event partly sponsored by Hub Culture/Ven Currency, Consult Hyperion and Yandex

Day 2 (Tuesday 25th March)

09:00 Session 4 — Enhancing the Customer and Merchant Experience

The customer experience for both the consumer and the merchant is the rock on which a great many payment schemes founder. We all understand the age-old struggle between security and convenience, but perhaps there are one new ways to resolve it. In this session we will explore new architectures for online payments -- architectures that are based on the "Triple A Play" of authentication, apps and APIs -- to create seamless payment experiences founded to a large extent on mutual recognition and trust. So seamless, in fact, that the payment transaction itself might vanish entirely.

  • Moderator: Dave Birch (@dgwbirch)
  • Minutes takers: Stephane Boyera/Bryan Sullivan (use-cases)
  • Presenters:
    • Overview: Gray Taylor (NACS - @grayotaylor) [Slides]
    • Panel Participants: Robin Berjon (W3C) [Slides], Cyril VIGNET (BPCE) [Slides], Joseph Potvin [Slides], Neil Mason-Jones (Trans-Africa Solutions)

11:00 Morning break

11:30 Session 5 — Front End: Wallets - Initiating Payment and Digital Receipts

Over 1 billion digital buyers will spend $1.5 Trillion on business-to-consumer eCommerce purchases in 2014. Globally eCommerce and especially mCommerce continue to grow. Unfortunately the payment experience is still fraught with friction resulting in lower conversion rates due to the painful task of entering long forms with payment and registration information. While wallets alleviate this friction, there are no “front end” standards that could simplify the payment experience for all stakeholders.

The checkout experience follows a standard procedure (tap the buy button, select payment method, authorize payment and receive proof of purchase..) and standardization would be the logical next step

This session will focus on the following:

  • What needs to be standardized at the front end of payments?
  • What are the key requirements/usecases ?
  • How would the stakeholders benefit?


  • Moderator: Prakash Hariramani (@phariramani)
  • Minutes takers: Natasha Rooney / Charles McCathie Nevile (use-cases)
  • Presenters:
    • Overview: Dave Raggett (W3C) [Slides]
    • Panel Participants: Philippe Cabos (Gemalto), Vidya Chandy (Mahindra Comviva) [Slides], Natasha Rooney (GSMA), Gregory Estrade (Lyra), Joerg Heuer (Deutsche Telekom) [Slides]

13:30 Lunch

14:30 Session 6 — Identity, Security, and Privacy

The integration of payment in the open web platform requires to approach the problem of identifying the users. How to enroll a user, how to provide insurance related to his or her identity, combining user privacy and security of payment service. This session will be covering the possible means to associate identity management with the following topics:

  • What are the existing identity scheme experiences up to now ?
  • What would be the ideal features of an identity management in the open web platform, including security merits and user’s privacy ?
  • How and where would identity management be defined to support W3C works ?


  • Moderator: Virginie Galindo
  • Minutes takers: Charles McCathie Nevile / Manu Sporny (use-cases)
  • Presenters:
    • Panel Participants: Harry Halpin (W3C), Tim Ng (Microsoft) [Slides], Stefan Thomas (Ripple Labs) [Slides], Hannes Tschofenig (co-chair of IETF Web Authorization -OAuth- working group) [Slides], Louise Bennett (BCS) [Slides], Giridhar Mandyam (Qualcomm) [Slides], Gregory Estrade (Lyra) [Slides]

16:30 Afternoon break

17:00 Wrap up & Next steps

  • Moderator: Dan Appelquist

18:00 Closing


The table below lists the papers accepted by the program committee. The full list of papers is available from the papers page.

Id Author Title
5 Dave Raggett The role of Web standards for enabling a level playing field for payment solutions, [Slides]
6 Manu Sporny Web Payments: Payments technologies for the Web
9 Robin Berjon Intent to Pay
10 Alex Waters CoinValidation Position Paper
12 Stephane Boyera Standardizing client-side API for Web payments?
13 Fernando Jiménez Moreno and Kumar McMillan What Does The Web Need For Payments?
14 Bryan Sullivan Objectives for W3C Work on Web Payments
15 Gregory Estrade and Laurent Penou Lyra-Network Position Paper for W3C Workshop on Web Payments.
16 Philippe Cabos Gemalto position paper for W3C Web Payment workshop
17 Jean-Claude Barbezange Worldline Position Paper
18 Harry Halpin The W3C Web Cryptography API: Payment, Authentication, and Next Steps
19 Giridhar Mandyam and Mike Milikich Mobile Web and Payments: Challenges and Ways Forward
21 Cyril Vignet An universal payment for a balanced purchase
23 Vidya Chandy Position Paper: Mahindra Comviva
25 Evan Schwartz Ripple Labs’ W3C Web Payments Position Paper
26 Natasha Rooney W3C Web Payments Workhop GSMA Position Paper
28 David Ezell NACS Perspective on the Web Payments
29 Harish Natarajan The role of Inter-operability and access to National Payments System in promoting innovations in retail payments – findings from the World Bank survey on innovations in retail payments
30 Joerg Heuer DEUTSCHE TELEKOM position paper
31 Stan Stalnaker Ven and the Nature of Money


Organization Name Job Title
15marches Stéphane Schultz Founder & CEO
41st Parameter / Experian Ori Eisen Founder, Chief Innovation Officer
5 APPS Sebastian Kippe Managing Director
ABN AMRO Bank Floris Kleemans Head of Strategy
Alcatel-Lucent Thomas Picard Head of Service Standards
ARM Limited Hannes Tschofenig Lead Standards Engineer
AT&T Bryan Sullivan Director of Service Standards
Bango Keir Kettle Head of Payment Flow
bbva oscar bbva new technologies
BBVA Rafael Hernandez Manager
BCS Dr Louise Bennett Chair security and Identity Groups
Bloomberg Erik Anderson No Titles at Bloomberg
BPCE Cyril VIGNET Innovation & Payements
CANTON-Consulting Jean-Yves ROSSI President
China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) Tian Dr.
CHYP Dave Birch Director
Coin Apex Max Raskin Vice President
Coin Apex Jonathan Warren Chief Technical Officer
Conix Patrice Bernard Consultant in Innovation
Crédit Agricole Normandie / Pôle TES de Caen Rémy LESELLIER Strategic Marketing & Innovation / Administrator
Deutsche Telekom - Innovation Laboratories Jörg Heuer Research&Innovation Director
Digital Bazaar, Inc. Manu Sporny Founder / CEO
DYNE.org Foundation Denis Roio aka Jaromil Executive Director
Ercim Aurelien Chouvet Business developer France
Espresso Collective Ricardo Varela Founder
Espresso Collective Ernesto Jimenez CTO
European Commission Alexander Gee DG Competition
European Payments Council Dr. Marijke De Soete Senior Expert Consultant
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Ken Isaacson Senior Vice President and Chair of the Future Payment Team
Federal Reserve of Chicago Connie Theien Vice President
Fraunhofer FOKUS Robert Kleinfeld Senior Project Manager R&D
Fraunhofer FOKUS Stephan Steglich Director Future Applications and Media
gemalto Virginie GALINDO technical marleting
Google Prakash Hariramani Sr Product manager
GS1 Pierre Georget CEO
GSMA Natasha Rooney Ms
GSMA Saurabh Sethi Technology Manager
Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute James Z. Lei Program Director
HSBC Bank PLC Mark Evans Senior Manager, Client Solutions & Innovation, Payments & Cash Management
HSBC Bank Plc Darren Goucher Mobile Technologies Specialist
Hub Culture and Ven Currency Stan Stalnaker Founding Director
ING Eric Tak Global Head of Cards Solutions
ING Angeles Marzo Payments Manager
INGENICO Michel LEGER EVP Global Sales & Marketing
Internet Society Karen O'Donoghue Research Analyst
KDDI Eriko Hondo London Representative
Lyra Network Gregory Estrade R&D Manager
Mahindra Comviva Vidya Chandy VP, Product Management
Microsoft Timothy Ng Principle Program Manager
Mozilla Kumar McMillan Web Developer
Mozilla Andrew McKay Engineering Manager
NACS David Ezell AC Representative, Chair of POS / Back Office Committee
NACS / PCATS Gray Taylor Executive Director
NBREDS Inc. Danny Jeong CEO
Net Mobile AG Bülent Ünal CTO ; Payment & Banking
OBERTHUR TECHNOLOGIES Michele SARTORI Systems Security Engineer
Opera Software Lars Erik Bolstad SVP Web Technology
Orange Mohammed Dadas Content Standardization Manager
PayGate Mountie Lee CTO
PayGate Co. Ltd. Jong-Pyo Hong  
payleven Holding GmbH Rafael Otero Co-Founder & CTO
PaymentsSource Bailey Reutzel Reporter
Payzen Laurent Penou Innovation & TW
PCI Security Standards Council Jeremy King International Director
PCI SSC Mauro Nunez COO
Qualcomm Innovation Center Giri Mandyam Senior Director
Rabobank Gerben Mak Innovation manager
Rabobank Roy Duffels Innovation manager
Rabobank Nederland Evert Fekkes Business Information Manager
Ripple Labs Stefan Thomas CTO
Ripple Labs Evan Schwartz Software Developer
Samsung Electronics Jungkee Song Software Engineer
Samsung Electronics Wonsuk Lee Principal Engineer
Shanghai Hongchuang Web Technology Service Co., Ltd. Curtis Young Chief Operation Officer
Shanghai Hongchuang Web Technology Service Co., Ltd. Guorong Tian Chairman
SK Telecoms Joe MoonOk Manager (SW Architect, Engineer)
Swedbank Emil Johansson Group Product Manager E-payments
SYMBA IDF Hayem Etienne CEO & Founder
Telefónica Daniel Appelquist Open Web Advocate
Telekom Innovation Laboratories Axel Nennker Expert R&D Payments & Transactions
Telenor Digital Karl Johan Heimark Software Engineer
The Opman Company Joseph Potvin Operations Manager
The World Bank Harish Natarajan Senior Financial Sector Specialist
Trans Africa Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Neil Mason-Jones Director
Universität der Bundeswehr München Martin Hepp Professor
W3C Stephane Boyera  
W3C Alexandra Lavirotte Admin Support
W3C Dave Raggett  
W3C Bernard Gidon EMEA Business Development Leader
W3C Wendy Seltzer Policy Counsel & Domain Lead
W3C Jeff Jaffe CEO
W3C Robin Berjon HTML Editor
W3C / HTML5Apps Marie-Claire Forgue Head of Training
W3C/MIT and IRI Harry Halpin Team member
Worldline Jean ClaudeBarbezange R&D Director
Worldline Olivier Maas R&D Trusted services
Yandex Evgeny Vinogradov  
Yandex / Яндекс charles c nevile CTO group
  Tobie Langel