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W3C gratefully acknowledges the ingenico, for hosting this workshop.


HTMl5Apps Thanks also to support from the European Union through the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2013-2015) under grant agreement n° 611327 - HTML5 Apps.


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If you're interested in being a sponsor, please contact Bernard Gidon at bgidon@w3.org. For additional information, please visit the Sponsorship program.

Important dates

8 February 2014:
Deadline for expressions of
interest or position papers
for possible presentation
(via email)

1 March 2014:
Program and position papers posted on the workshop website

14 March 2014:
Deadline for registration
(statement of interest required,
no participation fee)

24-25 March 2014:

Who Should Consider Attending?

  • Businesses seeking an alternative to advertising and proprietary payment APIs
  • Web developers with an interest in monetizing apps through Web payments
  • Browser developers interested in adding support for Web payment APIs
  • Payment solution providers, including banks and card associations, who are interested in the opportunities for integrating their solutions as part of end-users' wallets
  • Mobile money solution providers and operators
  • Developers of payment infrastructures or alternatives, who are interested in exploiting emerging Web standards
  • Financial intermediaries who play a role in financial transfers and currency conversions
  • Businesses with an interest in providing 3rd party services for payments and wallets
  • Businesses interested in supporting the role of prepaid vouchers, discount coupons or award points in relation to Web payments
  • Businesses involved in supporting exchangable community currencies
  • Government agencies with an interest in encouraging e-commerce, and the issues relating to taxation and cross border payments
  • Lawyers with an interest in legal issues relating to Web payment solutions, including privacy concerns and obligations on behalf of payment solution providers to customers in the case of third party fraud
  • Security experts interested in the challenges posed by payment solutions and wallets
  • Vendors of secure hardware with an interest in the opportunities for securing payment solutions and wallets