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Important dates

8 February 2014:
Deadline for expressions of
interest or position papers
for possible presentation
(via email)

8 March 2014:
Program and position papers posted on the workshop website

14 March 2014:
Deadline for registration
(statement of interest required,
no participation fee)

24-25 March 2014:

Workshop Papers

1Bailey ReutzelThe Future of Web Payments is Now… Above GroundNot Selected for Presentation
3Rafael OteroThe Future of mPOS – A New Payment Experience with MobilityNot Selected for Presentation
4Ori EisenProject Phoenix: The Second Coming of the Internet – Now With SecurityNot Selected for Presentation
5Dave RaggettThe role of Web standards for enabling a level playing field for payment solutionsSelected for Presentation
6Manu SpornyWeb Payments: Payments technologies for the WebSelected for Presentation
7Ye TianStandardization of identifier management in e-commerceNot Selected for Presentation
8Gerard HammarlundDEFINING THE PRINCIPLES OF SKY PEER-TO-PEER BANKINGNot Selected for Presentation
9Robin BerjonIntent to PaySelected for Presentation
10Alex WatersCoinValidation Position PaperSelected for Presentation
11Curtis Young and Bill TianHIEP Payment Network –International Accepted E-paying System Application SolutionNot Selected for Presentation
12Stephane BoyeraStandardizing client-side API for Web payments?Selected for Presentation
13Fernando Jiménez Moreno and Kumar McMillanWhat Does The Web Need For Payments?Selected for Presentation
14Bryan SullivanObjectives for W3C Work on Web PaymentsSelected for Presentation
15Gregory Estrade and Laurent PenouLyra-Network Position Paper for W3C Workshop on Web Payments.Selected for Presentation
16Philippe CabosGemalto position paper for W3C Web Payment workshopSelected for Presentation
17Jean-Claude BarbezangeWorldline Position PaperSelected for Presentation
18Harry HalpinThe W3C Web Cryptography API: Payment, Authentication, and Next StepsSelected for Presentation
19Giridhar Mandyam and Mike MilikichMobile Web and Payments: Challenges and Ways ForwardSelected for Presentation
20Evert FekkesRabobank position paperNot Selected for Presentation
21Cyril VignetAn universal payment for a balanced purchaseSelected for Presentation
22Robert KleinfeldCOMPOSE – an Open Marketplace for the Internet of ServicesNot Selected for Presentation
23Vidya ChandyPosition Paper: Mahindra ComvivaSelected for Presentation
24Joseph PotvinRestricted vs Free Market Pricing in Web PaymentsNot Selected for Presentation
25Evan SchwartzRipple Labs’ W3C Web Payments Position PaperSelected for Presentation
26Natasha RooneyW3C Web Payments Workhop GSMA Position PaperSelected for Presentation
27Stephane Schultz15marches POSITION PAPER – W3C WorkshopNot Selected for Presentation
28David EzellNACS Perspective on the Web PaymentsSelected for Presentation
29Harish NatarajanThe role of Inter-operability and access to National Payments System in promoting innovations in retail payments – findings from the World Bank survey on innovations in retail paymentsSelected for Presentation
30Joerg HeuerDEUTSCHE TELEKOM position paperSelected for Presentation
31Stan StalnakerVen and the Nature of MoneySelected for Presentation
32Mountie LeeElectronic Commerce Interoperability StandardNot Selected for Presentation
33Michel LegerEvolution of Payments on the World Wide Web: Current trends and future challengesNot Reviewed by the Program Committee (late submission)