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"People" page for F2F2

Registration List

If you plan to attend, put your name here (please note that a registration fee of $100US is payable):

Remote Participation

If you plan to phone in, for at least part of the time, put your name here:


If you will not be attending or even calling in on the phone, put your name here:


  • Kendall Clark (Clark & Parsia)
  • Gilberto Fragoso (NCI)
  • Mike Grove (Clark & Parsia)
  • Petr Kremen (Czech Technical University, Prague)
  • Kevin Newman (Lockheed Martin)
  • Andy Schain (NASA)
  • Markus Stocker (Clark & Parsia)
  • Alex Tucker (NATO NC3A)
  • Thomas Schneider (University of Manchester)

Unknown Status

Currently the following people have not entered anything. Please remove yourself from this list when you move to a different status.