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I am an engineer with Clark & Parsia LLC, focused on the development and support of Pellet and related software (e.g., OwlSight). C&P and I are interested in the application of OWL to large scale government and commercial problems, with a particular interest in solutions that leverage reasoning services.

I am participating in the WG as an implementer and intend to keep Pellet and related software in alignment with WG documents. As such, I have particular interest in a useful, complete test cases document and anticipate contributing to and/or editing that document. Further, as an implementer, I am interested in useful, well-defined fragments for which reasoning can be heavily optimized.

Test Cases

Test cases are being created for the Test Document.

Information about many of the test cases which used to be here is now at Test Wrangler Notes.

A guide to the test template is useful as a starting point when creating a new test case and contains skeleton templates for cut and paste.

Results of test runs can be reported in the Test Result Format.


All tests from http://www.w3.org/TR/owl-test/




Description Logic

Extra Credit

Test Cases By Issue