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Test Wrangler Notes

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Test Cases Needing Review

Tests Needing Proposal

The test cases listed in the following list contain all required metadata and need review and proposal.

Review and Propose List

Produced from the 2009-06-30 test export

20 test cases match filter.

Tests Missing Species Assertions

The test cases listed in the following list are missing a DL assertion.

Missing DL List

Produced from the 2009-06-10 test export

0 test cases matched filter:

Tests Missing Profile Assertions

The test cases listed in the following table are asserted to be syntactically DL, but are missing one or more profile assertions. The OWLAPI profile check results are included in the table.

Missing Profile Table

Produced from 2009-06-29 test export

Asserted OWLAPI Asserted OWLAPI Asserted OWLAPI
Contradicting datatype Restrictions ? ?(Parse error) ? ?(Parse error) ? ?(Parse error)
WebOnt-backwardCompatibleWith-001 ? y ? y ? y
WebOnt-imports-011 ? y ? y ? y
WebOnt-imports-012 ? y ? y ? y
consistent-dataproperty-disjointness ? ?(Parse error) ? ?(Parse error) ? ?(Parse error)
datatype-restriction-min-max-inconsistency ? ?(Parse error) ? ?(Parse error) ? ?(Parse error)

Cases Needing Some Eyeballs


Entailment Definition


  • WebOnt-I4.6-005: Are comments acceptable in conclusion ontology? Does this hold under both DL and RDF Semantics?

Parsing Corner Cases

General (Misleading / Intent)

  • WebOnt-I5.26-010: There is only a declaration axiom in the conclusion ontology.
  • WebOnt-I5.5-005: There is only a declaration axiom in the conclusion ontology.

Ontology Typing Triples

New Feature Test Cases

F1. Disjoint Union

F2. Disjoint Classes

F3. Negative Property Assertions

Negative Object Property Assertions

Negative Data Property Assertions

F4. Self Restriction

F5. Qualified Cardinality Restrictions

Object Property Cardinality Restrictions

Data Property Cardinality Restrictions


F6.1 Reflexive Properties

F6.2 Irreflexive Properties

F6.3 Asymmetric Properties

F7. Disjoint Properties

Disjoint Object Properties

Disjoint Data Properties

F8. Property chain inclusion

F9. Keys

F10. Unary Datatype

F11. N-ary Datatype

F12. Punning

F13. Annotation

F14. Declarations

F15. Profiles

Test Cases Changed Since WebOnt



Structure Sharing in RDF

Implicit Property Typing

Some unary property axioms imply object property declarations, changing these tests to DL.

Individual Typing Not Required

Cycles in disjointWith

Imports Handling

Test Cases Showing Semantic Differences

Direct Semantics RDF Semantics
WebOnt-AnnotationProperty-001 WebOnt-AnnotationProperty-002
WebOnt-I4.6-005-Direct WebOnt-I4.6-005
WebOnt-Thing-004 WebOnt-Thing-005
WebOnt-equivalentClasses-008-Direct WebOnt-equivalentClasses-008
WebOnt-miscellaneous-302-Direct WebOnt-miscellaneous-302
? WebOnt-I4.6-003

Test Cases That Were "Extra Credit"

The following test cases were "extra credit" in WebOnt. This status has been removed and these test cases will be approved or rejected in OWL WG.

Description Logic

WebOnt Issues