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Michael Sintek


I am a senior consultant and researcher at DFKI (Kaiserslautern branch), working on various Semantic Web related project (e.g. in the Theseus project, http://theseus-programm.de/front, formerly known as Quaero). My main interests are rule languages and (obviously) ontology languages.

My main goal for this working group is to make OWL a truly usable ontology language for the Semantic Web, for which it lacks some features at the moment (IMHO), e.g. (local) closed world constructs and better modularization capabilities (see NRL paper for some ideas we came up with in a Semantic Desktop project where OWL (in whatever flavor) "for everything" was IMHO simply not possible, so we allowed the various parts of our knowledge base to use different ontology languages by making use of named graphs).