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  • Researcher and Research Manager, Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University (UK)
  • Personal homepage [1]


I am representative of The Open University [2] (United Kingdom), working at Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) [3] as a researcher and scientific lead. I am a Technical Manager in the NeOn project [4] on lifecycle support for networked ontologies and a Scientific Lead in NeOn's work on user-ontology interaction aspects (WP4). In addition, I am a member in the Semantic Web Education and Outreach IG [5], where I am involved in the group on analyzing the use case for semantic web.

Interest in WG

My main goal w.r.t. this working group is to help making OWL a not only powerful language for expressing ontological commitments for semantic web applications, but also making it more usable and (to some extent) more comprehensible for non-power users. So, in these shoes, I am happy to lend my hand in a production of user guide and similar outreach materials, but also the reference.

In addition to that, I am interested in improving the support for ontology modularization and for the representation of context(s) -- both are functional capabilities that can be based upon OWL with possible extensions (e.g. RIF, etc).

-- MartinDzbor 07:29, 30 October 2007 (EDT)