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Rinke Hoekstra

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UPDATE: Starting March 2009 I am also working at the Knowledge Representation & Reasoning group at the Vrije Universiteit.

I am a researcher at the Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam where I am involved in a number of SemanticWeb / knowledge representation projects for the legal domain, a.o. in building legal ontologies and annotating legal texts. But don't worry, my background is in AI. If you were to put a label on me, you could call me an experienced user.

The recent developments on the OWL front have gotten me (us) really excited and I hope that this working group will deliver a more expressive and a little less scary and messy successor to OWL 1.0.

I expect to contribute primarily on the user/usability/readability end of things (case studies, documentation etc.), and am quite willing to debug other peoples writings. My/our interests lie at the interaction with RIF, the relation and combination with more annotation-like standards (such as RDF), and opening OWL up to a wide(r) public.