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I am a PhD candidate in the Image, Video and Multimedia Lab (IVML) at the National and Technical University of Athens. I am interested in Description Logics and Web Ontology Languages, such as OWL, and in particular about their extensions in order to handle vague and uncertain knowledge. Thus, I am working on fuzzy extensions of Description Logics as well as OWL and proposed several extensions of them including Fuzzy-OWL.

I am also member of the W3C RIF Working Group and the Uncertainty Reasoning for the World Wide Web Incubator Group (URW3-XG) [1] and of the Fuzzy RuleML Technical Group [2]

I hope that this working group will recommend a well-understood, user-friendly and extensible Ontology Language.

It is highly possible that I would attend the first F2F, but don't know for sure yet.

My homepage is [3], where you can find more information about me plus my contact details.