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ToDo before BLD last call

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The purpose of this page is to list and discuss all the issues, small and large, that need be resolved before BLD can go on last call.

The seed for this list is the list of open issues.

RESOLVED: Publish RDF&OWL document as Last Call.

RESOLVED: Publish BLD document as Last Call.


  • Overview and roadmap of RIF document.
    • A guide to the different RIF documents

Semantic Web compatibility

YesY RIF must cover RDF: ISSUE-14 (CLOSED)

YesY RIF must cover OWL: ISSUE-15 (CLOSED)

YesY What is the relationship between OWL and RIF Core: ISSUE-24 (CLOSED)

YesY Whether to consider annotation properties in OWL DL: ISSUE-53 (CLOSED)

YesY Specification of entailment regimes in RDF and OWL for combinations: ISSUE-52 (CLOSED)

YesY What level of DL-safeness is required in combinations with OWL-DL: ISSUE-54 (CLOSED)

YesY Hierarchy of profiles ISSUE-60 (CLOSED)

Metadata, Identification and Comments

YesY Rule and ruleset identification and Syntax for metadata: ISSUE-51 (CLOSED)

YesY Embedded comments: ISSUE-58 (CLOSED)

YesY Survivability of metadata and comments: ISSUE-59 (CLOSED)

Reference to external resources/specifications

YesY RIF should support external calls (e.g., to query processors): ISSUE-16 (CLOSED)

YesY Interoperation with Object-Oriented XML (using XML Schema, like JAXB): ISSUE-37 (NOT CP)

YesY Interoperation with Arbitrary XML (like SAX/DOM): ISSUE-38 (NOT CP)

YesY Modules in RIF: ISSUE-46 (NOT CP)

YesY Profiles in the RIF Core: ISSUE-29 (NOT CP)

YesY Specification of data sources in RIF: ISSUE-33 (NOT CP)

YesY RIF should support import or inclusion of rulesets: ISSUE-39 (NOT CP)

YesY extensibility of datatype support: ISSUE-34 (CLOSED)


YesY Naming in RIF-BLD EBNF and XML syntax: ISSUE-49 (CLOSED)

YesY Shortcuts in presentation syntax: ISSUE-56 (CLOSED)

YesY XML syntax extensibility mechanism: ISSUE-57 (NOT CP)

YesY Full-Striped XML syntax or not: ISSUE-55 (CLOSED)

External Comments to Address

YesY DanC on predicate arity (DONE) http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-rif-comments/2008May/0001.html


YesY Existentials and Conjunction in the head (DONE)

Tabled proposed resolutions and stuff

  • Presentation syntax for metadata

At risk


  • Action 485 - Add AT RISK editor's note in BLD explaining that the IRI identifying rif:text might change. [on Harold Boley - due 2008-06-02].
  • RESOLVED: RIF will use rif:ordered="yes". This item will be marked "at risk", saying the name and XML details on this bit may change.
  • Equality in the head
  • strictness part of BLD conformance clause