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RIF Working Group

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WG Contacts


See the FAQ. Subscribe to RIF Developers mailing list.

See Errata and recent news coverage.


Other Documents

Tracking Public Comments

See Public Comments

Older Task Areas

  • Design Principles and Design Constraints
  • Rulesystem Arrangement Framework (aka RIF-RAF)
  • OWL Compatibility and RDF Compatibility
  • Extensible_Design

Related work

Group Membership and Joining

The group holds telecons weekly and has 2-4 face-to-face meetings each year. See Meetings.

If you want to be involved without joining the Working Group, you are encouraged to review and comment on the Working Drafts as they become available. Feedback from people actually implementing the specifications is especially valuable.

Charter, Meeting Records, and History

The RIF Working Group Charter shows what the W3C has asked this working group to do. Meeting minutes and agendas are recorded here.

W3C Working Group Resources