ISSUE-57: Does RIF specify an extensibility mechanism?

Syntax Extensibility

Does RIF specify an extensibility mechanism?

Technical Design (multiple dialects/documents)
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Christopher Welty
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Sandro demonstrated at F2F9 a strawman fallback mechanism for extensibility. Should we give this official status?
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Related notes:

At the Galway F2fF10, the WG resolved to remove this issue from the critical path for BLD.

Christopher Welty, 28 May 2008, 12:10:34

At F2F13 at MIT, the WG resolved not to have an extensibility mechanism (e.g. for fallbacks), and further not to specify fallbacks between PRD or BLD and Core. We will, however, provide some informative text in documents describing ways in which certain dialect-specific syntax could be rewritten into Core.


Christopher Welty, 16 Apr 2009, 19:11:46

Addition note: the main reason for this decision was lack of time to finish and vet this properly.

Christopher Welty, 21 Apr 2009, 01:32:35

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