ISSUE-39: RIF should support import or inclusion of rulesets [NOT CP]

RIF should support import or inclusion of rulesets [NOT CP]

Technical Design (multiple dialects/documents)
Raised by:
Dave Reynolds
Opened on:
We would like the ability for a RIF rule set to explicitly import or include
other rulesets.

This relates to the issue of ruleset merging (a requirement recorded in the UCR

It also relates to the need for a module mechanism as discussed in We will
require a module mechanism for things like scoping of scoped negation.

This was raised at F2F7 as part of the discussion on data sets since importing a
rule set comprising just facts is one mechanism for referencing external data.
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Related notes:

At the 5/13 telcon it was decided to remove this from the BLD critical path, it is covered by the BLD import mechanism. The issue remains open as we see a need for a more general import mechanism.

Christopher Welty, 16 May 2008, 12:30:34

This issue still applies to CORE & PRD. It has been resolved for BLD.

Christopher Welty, 26 Sep 2008, 16:01:09

<RRSAgent> See

<sandro> RESOLVED: Close issue-39, saying ruleset-imports is in Core, and we're not going to define an "includes" at this time (in part because we don't know what it might mean). 'Imports' ends up in PRD, where it's not ideal, but not really harmful. Some version of PRD may do a more sophisticated import at some point.

Sandro Hawke, 15 Jan 2009, 01:44:30

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