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Translations of the SKOS documents are highly welcome! Please drop a line on the SKOS mailing list if you intend to do so or if you have comments on the existing translations.

If you would like to submit a translation of the labels, comments and definitions in the RDF file defining SKOS classes and properties, please create an RDF file like those linked below for your language and send it to the SKOS list, where the decision to publish it on this site will be taken.

2009 recommendation version


Translations for the SKOS Reference:

All translations for the SKOS Reference are also available on the W3C Translations site.

Translations for the SKOS Primer:

Outdated 2005 version

Labels, Comments and Definitions

The labels, comments and definitions for the classes and properties of the 2005 edition of the SKOS Core Vocabulary are available in RDF for following languages: French (by Bernard Vatant), Dutch (by Mark van Assem), German (by Thomas Bandholtz), Portuguese (by Tiago Murakami), Italian (by Paola Capitani), Chinese (by Guoliang Shi).


The SKOS Core Vocabulary Specification is available as a W3C Working Draft in English, with variants containing translated labels, comments and definitions in French, Dutch, German and Portuguese. An Editor's Draft of the SKOS Core Vocabulary Specification is available in Italian and in Chinese.

An even earlier version of the SKOS Core Guide had been Portuguese, generously translated by Tiago Murakami.