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Use Cases & Requirements

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The SWDWG has worked on a requirements analysis, as part of the W3C Recommendation Track development of SKOS.

Use Cases and Requirements Document

The SKOS Use Cases and Requirements document presents the preparatory work for the 2009 version of SKOS. It lists representative use cases, which were obtained after a dedicated questionnaire was sent to a wide audience. It also features a set of fundamental or secondary requirements derived from these use cases, that have been used to guide the design of SKOS.

Call for Use Cases

The SWDWG has put out a call for use cases. The call contains a use case questionnaire to give an indication of the kind of information the SWDWG is hoping to gather. Use cases sent to the SWDWG have been highly influential in determining the scope and features of the final SKOS W3C Recommendation, so if you'd like to request a feature or have found an issue we'd greatly appreciate some more information about your use case.

Use Cases

See the SKOS use cases and requirements page the SWDWG wiki.