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Name of the tool: Datalift
Home page:
Date of latest release: 2014-12-31 (verify)
Programming language(s) that can be used with the tool: Java, Javascript
Relevant semantic web technologies: RDF, RDFS, OWL, SPARQL
Categories: Converter, Triple Store, Programming Environment, Development Environment
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DOAP reference:
Company or institution: Open source (Datalift Association)

(Tool description last modified on 2015-01-4.)


The Datalift platform brings raw structured data coming from various formats (relational databases, CSV, XML, ...) to semantic data interlinked on the Web of Data. The platform helps publish and interlink datasets on the Web of data, facilitating each step of the publication process:

  • selecting ontologies for publishing data
  • converting data to RDF using the selected ontology
  • publishing the linked data
  • interlinking data with other data sources
  • controlling access