Thanks for the interest a lot of you have already expressed, on this page and offline. Dan Brickley and I will be the chairs of this group, and in the course of next week we will send a “charter”, or at least a description of the activities and the objectives we’ve thought of when we decided to create this group. Hopefully this description will help start the discussion and figure out what the group will first focus on.

6 Responses to Welcome

  1. Eric Meyer says:

    Looking forward to it, Max, and thanks for establishing this group!

  2. Shane Hudson says:

    How are you doing with this Max? Looking forward to seeing what the plan is!

  3. Max Froumentin says:

    Hi Shane,
    I’m really sorry. My day work’s currently overwhelming and I’ve had hardly any time to think about anything else. I’ve just found a little bit of time to dig out the group description and I will post it right now.

  4. Mekesia Brown says:

    Hello all,

    I am very happy to be a part of this group and see its progress. I love learning web history!

    I look forward to the charter also. I must admit that I am a bit confused… is the content that members contribute/post only suppose to be their personal content (belonging to/copyrighted by them), or can other resources be offered to the group?

    • Max Froumentin says:

      Hi Mekesia,
      So far, the charter is a rough draft, but comments or additions are welcome.

      Regarding content: if it’s only for posting or contributing to the mailing list, no specific rules apply. You can submit your own content (with whatever license you choose), and you can link to other resources, or copy them if it doesn’t infringe any copyright.

  5. Mekesia Brown says:

    Awesome! Well let me offer my first contribution to the group!

    Interesting video interviews with the innovator Doug Engelbart and his “gang”. Good stuff to listen to. I shared it w/ my PHP study group.


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