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Image from the Declarative 3D “Kickoff” meeting in Paris

Declarative 3D kickoff meeting in paris
Declarative 3D kickoff meeting in paris

This picture shows the group of people which were at the declarative 3D “kickoff” meeting last week in paris during the Web3d 2011 Conference. This includes members from DFKI, Fraunhofer IGD and the Web3D Consortium, but also new faces and contributor like┬áNeil Trevett from Khronos. This meeting was extremely inspiring and we look all forward to deliver a first progress at Siggraph and TPAC 2011.

Welcome to the Declarative 3D Community Group

The Community Group “Declarative 3D for the Web Architecture” is an initiative of DFKI, Fraunhofer IGD and the Web3D Consortium. Originally intended as an Incubator Group, we want to use this great new opportunity of W3C Community Groups and use it to build a community that is interested in describing highly interactive 3D scenes within HTML and the DOM.

We developed a very explicit charter and we would like to stick to this charter. This doesn’t say the charter is perfect and final, but we intend to focus on a lean and mean set of well defined topics. We will transform this charter to a Wiki entry i.e. to the group’s philosophy soon.

We invite you to join our initiative and we are looking forward for inputs and contributions from a wide range of different parties!