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Welcome to the Declarative 3D Community Group

The Community Group “Declarative 3D for the Web Architecture” is an initiative of DFKI, Fraunhofer IGD and the Web3D Consortium. Originally intended as an Incubator Group, we want to use this great new opportunity of W3C Community Groups and use it to build a community that is interested in describing highly interactive 3D scenes within HTML and the DOM.

We developed a very explicit charter and we would like to stick to this charter. This doesn’t say the charter is perfect and final, but we intend to focus on a lean and mean set of well defined topics. We will transform this charter to a Wiki entry i.e. to the group’s philosophy soon.

We invite you to join our initiative and we are looking forward for inputs and contributions from a wide range of different parties!

3 Responses to Welcome to the Declarative 3D Community Group

  • Ian Jacobs

    Glad to see the blog is up and running!



  • MUHAMMAD Junaid

    I want to develop 3d immersive Virtual environment on the web (website) [plugin independent /no installation] i.e a 3d website [3d Virtual tour of my university campus using avatar]

    3d Virtual Tour of my university campus as my final project as my software engineering graduation As I’m a student and have Less available time and knowledge and also I must have to deposit the final working deliverable..
    please help me and suggest tools for designing 3d immersive virtual environment on the web and platform and languages that supports me in this regard I’ve explored these names so far

    –> I’ve found many platforms/technologies : Flash, WebGL, 3dmlw, GoogleO3d, Java3d, X3D, VRML, Unity3D, Infinity, 3d technology R&D
    PaperVision3D,, Google SketchUp,HTML5, MAYA

    or plz tell if any other available and not listed other not listed

    Also please refer me to the person you think that he’ll/she help me

    please help me

    I’m attaching the example video I want to do this by using Avatar i.e 3d immersive Virtual tour of university campus using avatar (website)


  • For several years, the OGC has had a very active 3D information management, content sharing, and interface development activity. There are a number of OGC standards that might be of interest to this group – including the requirements and use cases that drove the development of these standards. One OGC standard, CityGML, allows the interoperable interchange of 3d urban models. CityGML is agnostic to the presentation technology and applications have implemented CityGML viewers using X3D, VRML, COLLADA and so forth. Next week, there is going to be an intense 3D Summit at the OGC meetings in Boulder Colorado. The agenda will be published shortly. Presentations will range from discussing challenges to uses of CityGML, Augmented Reality and 3d, 3d indoor navigation, and so forth. The presentations will be public. If anyone on this list is in the Boulder area, the Summit is free to attend. Just let us know.


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