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Scribing RDWG Meetings

Scribe List

Order of upcoming scribes:

  1. David Sloan, last scribed: 21 May 2014
  2. Justin Brown, last scribed: 18 June 2014
  3. Markel Vigo, last scribed: 25 June 2014
  4. Luz Rello, last scribed: 2 July 2014
  5. Silvia Mirri, last scribed: 30 July 2014
  6. Shadi Abou-Zahra, last scribed: 13 August 2014
  7. Yehya Mohamed, last scribed: 20 August 2014
  8. Peter Thiessen, last scribed: 3 September 2014
  9. Vivienne Conway, last scribed: 10 September 2014
  10. Annika Nietzo, last scribed: 10 September 2014
  11. Christos Kouroupetroglou, last scribed: 24 September 2014
  12. Klaus Miesenberger, last scribed: 1 October 2014

This list updated after each teleconference call. The most recent scribe is placed at the end of the list.

Scribing Directions

We use IRC (Internet Relay Chat) to scribe RDWG meetings. Software robots (aka "IRC bots") help manage the agenda, action items, and to generate HTML minutes from the IRC log. See IRC Help for more information on IRC.

Please follow these steps when you are the scribe: