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Scribing for the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (AUWG)

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Scribe Rotation

Name Order Recent Next
Tim Boland 1 N/A
Ann McMeekin 2  Jul 21
Greg Pisocky 4 10-07-2008
Jan Richards 5 03-07-2008
Andrew Ronksley 6  
Reed Shaffner 7  
Jeanne Spellman 8 26-06-2008
Michael Squillace 9  

How the Rotation Works

How to Scribe a AUWG Meeting

(from "IRC Sessions to Real Readable Notes" with thanks to Gregory Rosmaita)

Before the Meeting Commences:

  1. invite Zakim and RRSAgent by entering in IRC
    • /invite rrsagent #au
    • /invite Zakim #au
  2. set Meeting Info
    • rrsagent, set logs public
    • meeting: WAI-AU
    • chair: [name]
    • agenda: [URI]
    • scribe: [name]
    • ScribeNick: [screen-name]
    • present: [names]
    • regrets: [names]
    • rrsagent, pointer? [gives location of IRC log]
    • zakim, save agenda (after agenda entered)
    • zakim, Wrong_Name is Correct_Name

During the Meeting:

Commonly used commands:

If you use an IRC agenda

Managing Action items

After the Meeting Adjourns:

  1. Creating Minutes:
    • rrsagent, create minutes (the following 5 commands are synonyms)
    • rrsagent, draft minutes
    • rrsagent, format minutes
    • rrsagent, generate minutes
    • rrsagent, make minutes
    • rrsagent, publish minutes
  2. zakim, please part (this will result in the output of attendees)
  3. NOTE: non-staff members who are acting as scribe MUST effect any changes or corrections BEFORE dismissing RRSAgent; staff can edit slash manipulate minutes by appending a comma and the word tools to the URI for the minutes - for example: http://www.w3.org/2008/05/15-ua-minutes.html,tools NOTE: the naming syntax for the automatically generated documents is: http://www.w3.org/YYYY/MM/DD-ua-minutes http://www.w3.org/YYYY/MM/DD-ua-irc
  4. after dismissing zakim, issue an "RRSAgent, draft minutes" command to ensure that the attendees list is correctly populated -- use the + and minus syntax to add or delete attendees, regrets, etc. -- remember that you MUST issue an "RRSAgent, draft minutes" in order for the minutes to execute your instructions -- every time you do so, be sure to REFRESH the document in the browser instance in which you are reviewing the draft minutes
  5. rrsagent, please part (VERY LAST STEP- logs actions and resolutions)
  6. put text dump in email along with HTML and IRC log pointers