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2003 News

WASP asks W3C: XHTML 1.0 or HTML 4.01

15 December 2003: The WASP asks a question to W3C on a regular basis and the QA answers, giving a reasonable overview of the topic. The last question was should you prefer XHTML 1.0 or HTML 4.01 when you develop a Web site. People are welcome to debate on the public-evangelist mailing list. (News archive).

Month in QA, October and November 2003

08 December 2003: The October - November issue of the monthly summary of QA topics discussed on the QA mailing-lists has been published. Topics of interest this month focus mostly on Spec Guidelines, one of the documents in the QA Framework family. (News archive).

Two parts of the "QA Framework" are now W3C Candidate Recommendations

12 November 2003: Two of the main documents of the QA Framework, Operational Guidelines and QA Framework: Specification Guidelines, are now W3C Candidate Recommendations, which means that they are entering a phase of implementation and field trial. The progression of these two documents addressing the way W3C Working groups work and produce their specifications is an important step towards even better W3C recommendations.

QA holds face-to-face meeting

12 November 2003: The QA Working Group and Interest Group held a joint face-to-face meeting on October 21-23 in Boulder, USA, discussing its future and focusing its efforts on the completion of its Test Guidelines. You can now read the recorded discussion for this meeting. Warm thanks to NIST for hosting this meeting.

Month in QA, September 2003

16 October 2003: The September issue of the monthtly summary of QA topics discussed on the QA mailing-lists has been published. Topics of interest this month include the CR phase for the QA Operational Guidelines, Browsable test results and the upcoming QAWG face-to-face meeting. Previous issues of this summary are linked from the QA Calendar.

RDF makes it easier

20 August 2003: The QA Matrix is managed in RDF. We have explained why RDF has made it the management easier and painless. We described the difficulties we had with XML and what has been improved the RDF model. Read Why the QA Matrix in RDF?

New version of "Think globally, Act locally" released

28 July 2003: A new revision of the "Think globally, Act locally" article, (part of the QA Library), including contributions from QA Interest Group participant Tristan Nitot, was released today for review by the QAIG. This new version includes detailed experience on building and managing local Web Standards groups and projects.

Translations of WebKit

24 June 2003: The Web standards switch or WebKit document has been translated in many languages: Arabic translated by Najib Toumsi, Chinese (Traditonal) and Chinese (Simplified) translated by Yammie, Danish translated by Lars Ballieu Christensen, French translated by Denis Boudreau, relu par Jean-Jacques Solari, German translated by Stefan Schumacher, Hebrew translated by Ouri Bercovier, Norwegian Bokmal translated by Frank Karlstrøm, Spanish translated by Fernando Gutierrez. The QA Team thanks all the translators for this wonderful work. You can translate in new languages.

List of Weblogs promoting Web standards

18 June 2003: Ed Nixon with the help of people on W3C's Web Standards Evangelism list has made a list of Web standards weblogs.

QA F2F at Forth, Crete

18 June 2003: The QA Activity (WG and IG) had its F2F in Heraklion, Crete at ICS, FORTH. We have discussed about rechartering the groups, the framework of QA with the different Guidelines (Minutes will be published soon). An update has been given on the Education and Outreach activities too. Next F2F meeting will be in USA in November 2003, probably Boulder, Colorado or California. You are welcome to participate.

W3C Open source Software Reloaded

29 May 2003: W3C Open Source software home page has been reorganized with a new index and a better presentation, you have now a RSS 1.0 feed that will help you to know what is going on.

(a few) months on the QA mailing-lists

28 May 2003: "Month in QA", the summary of the activity on the mailing-lists of the QA Interest Group and Working Group, is still published monthly. Check out the march 2003 and April 2003 issues if you had missed them.

Switch to Web Standards! New article and new Log Validator released, featured at WWW conference

20 May 2003: The W3C QA activity is pleased to announce new material providing a method and tool to painlessly improve the quality of a Web Site. A new document called Web Standards Switch (or how to improve your Web site easily) provides an in-depth approach to improving the quality of a Web Site, especially in a corporate environment. The step-by-step validation tool Log Validator, with its new released version, is now even easier to install and use. The Log Validator and other QA Tools will be featured at the twelfth International World Wide Web Conference in Budapest on May 21st, 2003.

Beta Test for LogValidator

28 February 2003: Quality Assurance at W3C started today a beta test period for their new Web Quality tool, the Log Validator (developed by Olivier Théreaux), a web server logs analysis tool with validation modules. This tool allows webmasters to find which invalid resources should be fixed in priority. Learn more about the Log Validator.

QA F2F in Boston at the W3C Tech Plenary.

28 February 2003: The QA IG and WG have their F2F in Boston during the W3C Technical Plenary (6-7 March 2003). Tools for creating tests and implementation report, and XML formats used for User Agent test suites and User Agent implementation report are at the agenda. We wil discuss some preliminary comments on the Framework Last Call.

Month in QA, January 2003

14 February 2003: The monthtly summary of QA topics discussed on www-qa on January 2003 has been released by Lynne Rosenthal (NIST). The topics are CHIPS and CUAP, Authoring Technologies survey and Conformance Disclaimers.

QA Publishes Last Call Working Drafts

10 February 2003: The Quality Assurance (QA) Working Group has released three Last Call Working Drafts in its seven-part QA Framework: the Introduction, Operational Guidelines, and Specification Guidelines. Comments are welcome through 14 March. Learn more about the QA Activity and the roadmap for ensuring that W3C technologies are well implemented.

Test your DOM!

10 February 2003: Philippe Le Hégaret has created a page to test the DOM support in your User Agent. The page indicates what claims are indicated by your user agent regarding the implementations of the W3C Document Object Model Recommendations.

HTML 4.01 Test Suite has been released.

5 February 2003: The initial release of the HTML 4.01 test suite is now available. This release should not be considered complete. Feedback regarding this test suite should be sent to (archive).

QA Activity has published two W3C Notes: CHIPs and CUAP

28 January 2003: The QA Activity has released two W3C Notes. CHIPs is a set of good practices to improve implementations of HTTP and related standards as well as their use. It explains a few basic concepts, points out common mistakes and misbehaviors, and suggests "best practices". CUAP explains some common mistakes in user agents due to incorrect or incomplete implementation of specifications, and suggests remedies. It also suggests some "good behavior" where specifications themselves do not specify any particular behavior (e.g., in the face of error conditions). This document is not a complete set of guidelines for good user agent behavior.

W3C Bug and Issue tracking system

24 January 2003: W3C has opened a Bug and Issue tracking system. The public instance of W3C's bugzilla is used to track bugs in W3C open-source software (such as, but not only, the Markup Validator), and issues managed by W3C Working groups working "in public".

Month in QA

15 January 2003: We have published today the latest issue, Month in QA December 2002, of the summary of discussions on the QAWG and QAIG lists, authored monthly by Lynne Rosenthal. If you may have missed the previous issue: Month in QA November 2002.

QA Website modification

13 January 2003: The QA website has been modified to have a similar look and feel W3C website. We have done these modifications to help people to have a consistent user experience.

QA F2F in Seattle.

6 January 2003: The QA IG and WG have their F2F in Seattle. QA outreach and polishing of the QA Framework is at the agenda to request Last Call soon.

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