XML Entity Definitions for Characters is a W3C Recommendation

01 April 2010 | Archive

The Math Working Group has published a W3C Recommendation of XML Entity Definitions for Characters. Notation and symbols have proved very important for human communication, especially in scientific documents. Mathematics has grown in part because its notation continually changes toward being succinct and suggestive. On the Web, the majority of cases it is preferable to store characters directly as Unicode character data or as XML numeric character references. This document is the result of years of employing entity names on the Web. It presents a completed listing harmonizing the known uses of character entity names throughout the XML world and Unicode. Learn more about the Math Activity.

W3C Invites Implementations of Voice Browser Call Control: CCXML Version 1.0

01 April 2010 | Archive

The Voice Browser Working Group invites implementation of the Candidate Recommendation of Voice Browser Call Control: CCXML Version 1.0. This document describes CCXML, or the Call Control eXtensible Markup Language. CCXML provides declarative markup to describe telephony call control. It can provide a complete telephony service application, comprised of Web server CGI compliant application logic, one or more CCXML documents to declare and perform call control actions, and to control one or more dialog applications that perform user media interactions. CCXML is a language that can be used with a dialog system such as (but not limited to) VoiceXML. Learn more about the Voice Browser Activity.

Updated Capture API Working Draft Published

01 April 2010 | Archive

The Device APIs and Policy Working Group has published the First Public Working Draft of The Capture API, which defines an Application Programming Interface (API) that provides access to the audio, image and video capture capabilities of the device. Learn more about the Ubiquitous Web Applications Activity.

New Mobile Web Training Course Open for Early Bird Registration

31 March 2010 | Archive

W3C has updated the popular online training course Introduction to W3C's Mobile Web Best Practices for 2010. The first run of this updated course begins on Monday, 10 May. Early Bird registration is now open!

Led by members of W3C's Mobile Web Initiative, people attending the course will:

  • learn about the specific promises and challenges of the mobile platform;
  • learn how to use W3C's Mobile Web Best Practices to design mobile-friendly Web content and to adapt existing content for mobile;
  • learn client side and server side techniques for adapting your content to different classes of device.

Read more about the Mobile Web Initiative.

Last Call for Six Web Services Drafts

30 March 2010 | Archive

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