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As defined in its charter, the mission of the Device and Sensors Working Group is to create client-side APIs that enable the development of Web Applications and Web Widgets that interact with devices hardware, sensors, services and applications such as the camera, microphone, proximity sensors, native address books, calendars and native messaging applications.


As every Working Group, the Device and Sensors Working Group aims at gathering consensus on its specifications, both within the Working Group and with the community at large, working through an iterative process with implementors to ensure that the specifications are implementable and implemented.

The most recent version is highlighted.

Specification Internal draft Public Working draft Stable draft (Last Call) Implementors feedback (CR) Proposed Standard (PR) Standard (Rec) Test Suite Notes
Sensor Framework
Generic Sensor API
Editor's Draft
30 January 2017 Q1 2017 An abstract Sensor base class extended by concrete sensors.
Environment Sensors
Ambient Light Sensor Editor's Draft
30 August 2016 Q1 2017 incomplete Environment sensors that extend Sensor.
Proximity Sensor Editor's Draft
19 July 2016 obsoleted
Motion Sensors
Motion Sensors Explainer Editor's Draft
An introduction to low-level and high-level motion sensors.
Accelerometer Editor's Draft
18 April 2017 Low-level motion sensors that extend Sensor.
Gyroscope Editor's Draft
18 April 2017
Magnetometer Editor's Draft
18 April 2017
Orientation Sensor Editor's Draft
High-level motion sensor that extends Sensor.
Vibration Editor's Draft
17 Nov 2011 19 Jun 2014 9 Sep 2014 18 Aug 2016 (PER) 18 Oct 2016 (2nd ed) approved
Battery Status Editor's Draft
15 Sep 2011 28 Aug 2014 7 Jul 2016 29 Mar 2016 approved Uncertain future
Wake Lock Editor's Draft
Updated when Editor's Draft is updated Plan to be reworked heavily in light of wide review feedback
Media Capture
HTML Media Capture
(HTML form extensions for media capture)
Editor's Draft
13 Dec 2012 19 Jun 2014 9 Sep 2014 approved
Media Capture and Streams
(programmatic access to media streams, aka getUserMedia)
Editor's Draft
(GitHub) Activity on Media Capture and Streams editor draft
See roadmap on WebRTC Working Group home page [TF]
MediaStream Recording
(recording camera/microphone's streams)
Editor's Draft
Activity on MediaRecorder editor draft
MediaStream Image Capture
(taking still images from a camera streams)
Editor's Draft
Activity on MediaStream Image Capture Editor draft
Audio Output Devices API
(selecting specific audio output devices)
Editor's Draft
Activity on Audio Output editor draft
Media Capture Depth Stream Extensions
(capturing streams from 3D cameras)
Editor's Draft
Activity on editor draft of Media Capture Depth Stream Extensions
Media Capture Stream with Worker Editor's Draft
[TF] Deliverable is jointly developed with the Web RTC Working Group through the Media Capture Task Force.

Informative documents

Specification Internal draft W3C Working Group Note Notes
MediaStream Capture Scenarios 04 Jan 2013 6 Mar 2012 [TF]
Device API Access Control Use Cases and Requirements 16 Mar 2011 17 March 2011
Privacy Requirements 23 Jun 2010 29 Jun 2010
Web Application Privacy Best Practices 28 Jun 2012 3 July 2012
Web Intents (service discovery and light-weight RPC mechanism for web apps) 4 Sep 2012 23 May 2013 Work happens in the Web Intents task force

Exploratory work

Specification Internal draft Note
Privacy Ruleset 6 Oct 2010
Ambient Temperature Events 16 Jul 2012
Ambient Humidity Events 13 Jul 2012
Atmospheric Pressure Events 13 Jul 2012

See also the list of the Device and Sensors published Technical Reports.

As part of its technical work, the group ensures that its APIs are reviewed according to a checklist of good practices for APIs.

The history and past revisions of the documents drafts are available in the W3C public CVS server.

We use the W3C Github Web Platform Tests repository to manage our test suites, whose latest versions are available on W3C Test Server,

The Working Group has currently shelved the following work items, waiting for a better overall approach to emerge:

The Working Group is not planning to work on the following items:

APIs that have been suggested as worth consideration for the group but not currently prioritised (and therefore not up for discussion) are kept in the FutureWork page on the group's wiki.

Media Capture Task Force

This is a joint activity of the Device and Sensors Working Group and the Web Real-Time Communications Working Group. The work on the media capture API getUserMedia is done on the publicly archived mailing list: <>. Additional information is available on the Media Capture Wiki.


If you are employed by a W3C Member and want to join this group, please ask your Advisory Committee Representative to nominate you to the group as explained in the relevant instructions.

If you are not employed by W3C Member and have specific expertise to bring to this group, the said instructions explain how to get Invited Expert status.

See the list of current participants.

Meetings Subscribe to icalendar feed of upcoming teleconferences

Fortnightly 60 minute teleconference Thursdays, at 10am US Eastern Time on WebEx bridge. Either join with your computer (see WebEx password) or dial in directly: +1-617-324-0000 with access code 644 877 338

Subscribe to the icalendar feed of upcoming teleconferences

We will continue to use zakim to manage the queue (q+, q-, q? etc) but it is not integrated with WebEx.

For more information see the WebEx best practices.

IRC channel #dap on port 6665 (Web IRC client).

Please note that attendance of teleconferences is restricted to registered WG participants and persons invited by the chairs.

On each call please register attendance in IRC using

Present+ firstName_lastName

We're tracking issues and action items using Tracker. You may see your actions using MyTracker.

Upon completing actions, please move them to the Pending status, and inform the WG with a summary of the action results, (including ACTION-# in the body of the message so it is linked to the action record). Text lists of pending actions and open actions are also available.

Zakim is being decommisioned, but in case we need it as a fallback, here is the information. Remember that we are using WebEx now, however. Zakim teleconference bridge: +1.617.761.6200 (VoIP: code 3279

For details of upcoming teleconferencs and Face-Face meetings please see the Upcoming Meetings page.


Minutes are posted to the public list and once approved are linked from the meetings page, which also includes links to draft minutes.


The main communication channel for this group is the publicly archived mailing list <>.

Member-confidential messages and logistical discussions can be addressed to the member-only archived mailing list <>


Here are some documents of interest to participants in the WG:

Patent Policy

This group operates under the W3C Patent Policy - see its Patent Policy status for more details.


The Working Group was first chartered in July 2009 as the “Device APIs & Policy Working Group”, as a follow-up to the workshop on Security for Access to Device APIs from the Web held in December 2008, then rechartered in August 2011 under the name “Device APIs Working Group”, and rechartered again in March 2016 under the name “Device and Sensors Working Group”.

The group used to work on the following documents, but their development has been stopped:

The following were submitted as starting points for this group's deliverables:

Also relevant are the following:

The following documents are obsolete and should not be referenced:

Specification Internal draft Public Working draft Stable draft (Last Call) Implementors feedback (CR) Standard (Rec) Test Suite Notes
APIs Design Patterns 05 Jul 2011