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11 June 2007

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Workshop on Distributed Web Applications

Dave Raggett and Kevin Smith, Workshop co-Chairs2007-06-05: The W3C Workshop on Declarative Models of Distributed Web Applications is underway 5-6 June in Dublin, Ireland. "Attendees will discuss how developers can focus on applications and end-user experience, leaving the details for how they are to be realized to tools that deal with the capabilities and shortcomings of each device," said Dave Raggett, W3C Fellow. Declarative techniques promise to reduce the cost of building Web applications for home, office and mobile environments. The Workshop is looking at the role of XML and Semantic Web technologies in achieving that goal, along with the challenges for dealing with security and privacy. The Workshop is hosted by MobileAware with the support of the Irish State Development Agency, Enterprise Ireland. Read the press release, about W3C Workshops and about the Ubiquitous Web. (Photo credit: Marie-Claire Forgue. Permalink)

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Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) Version 1.1: Working Drafts

2007-06-11: The Voice Browser Working Group released updated Working Drafts of Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) Version 1.1 and its Requirements. Version 1.1 improves on W3C's SSML 1.0 Recommendation by adding support for more conventions and practices of the world's languages including Asian, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern languages. Both documents follow discussions from the three W3C Workshops on extending SSML. See the January 2007 press release and visit the Voice Browser home page. (Permalink)

Web of Services for Enterprise Computing: Workshop Report

Photo of the Workshop 2007-06-08: The Web of Services for Enterprise Computing Workshop Report is now available, recommending next steps for the ways Web services and Web standards can meet enterprise software requirements. In February, Web services and SOA experts met to improve enterprise support. Read the results of the Workshop on Web of Services for Enterprise Computing hosted by MITRE, about Workshops and about Web services. (Photo credit: Paul Downey. Permalink)

CSS3 Media Queries: Candidate Recommendation

2007-06-06: The CSS Working Group released an updated Candidate Recommendation for editorial changes to Media Queries, a module of Cascading Style Sheets Level 3 (CSS3). Built on the mechanism outlined in HTML, a registry of media types is proposed to describe to what type of devices a style sheet applies, and expressions to limit a style sheet's scope. Presentations can then be tailored to a specific range of output devices without changing the content. Visit the CSS home page. (Permalink)

CSS3 Multi-Column Layout: Working Draft

2007-06-06: The CSS Working Group released an updated Working Draft of Multi-Column Layout, a module of Cascading Style Sheets Level 3 (CSS3). Style sheet authors can allow content to flow from one column to another, specify column width, and allow the number of columns to vary, all depending on available space. More flexible than table markup, columns styled in CSS can more easily be presented on a variety of output devices including speech synthesizers and small mobile devices. Visit the CSS home page. (Permalink)

Internationalization Best Practices: Right-to-Left Scripts

2007-06-06: The Internationalization Core Working Group published an updated Working Draft of Internationalization Best Practices: Handling Right-to-left Scripts in XHTML and HTML Content. This advice is for authors who use XHTML or HTML markup and CSS to create and/or localize Web content in languages that use right-to-left scripts such as Arabic and Hebrew. The document was previously titled Authoring Techniques for XHTML & HTML Internationalization: Handling Bidirectional Text 1.0. Visit the Internationalization home page. (Permalink)

SVG Open 2007 Deadline Extension

2007-06-05: SVG Open 2007, the 5th International Conference on Scalable Vector Graphics, will be held 4-7 September at Keio University, Japan, on the Mita Campus in Tokyo. The submission deadline for paper abstracts has been extended to 10 June. Proposals for courses or exhibitions may be submitted online. SVG Open is your chance to discuss SVG development experience, products, workflows and strategies. The conference language is English; translation facilities will be available to encourage English-Japanese communication. Read about SVG. (Permalink)

Semantic Web Case Studies and Use Cases Published

2007-06-05: The SWEO Interest Group is pleased to announce the first set of Case Studies and Use Cases giving some examples of how the Semantic Web of machine readable data is used today. Applications are presented in areas ranging from automotive to health care, and from B2B systems to geographical information systems. The SWEO Interest Group will continue to publish new Case Studies and Use Cases in the future; an RSS feed for new submissions is available. A short overview is also available in Open Document Format, PDF, and HTML formats. Read about the Semantic Web. (Permalink)

Web Services Policy 1.5: Updated Candidate Recommendations

2007-06-05: The Web Services Policy Working Group published updated Candidate Recommendations for Web Services Policy 1.5 documenting their progress. The Policy Framework model expresses the nature of Web services in order to convey conditions for their interaction. Attachment defines how to associate policies, for example within WSDL or UDDI, with subjects to which they apply. The Primer is an updated Working Draft. Candidate Recommendation feedback is welcome through 30 June. Read about Web services. (Permalink)

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