W3C Findings of the W3C Technical Architecture Group (TAG)

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The primary activity of the TAG is to develop Architectural Recommendations. The TAG findings listed below document fundamental principles that should be adhered to by all Web components. The TAG expects to include these findings in the TAG's Architectural Recommendations, to be published according to the requirements of the W3C Recommendation Track process.

This page documents TAG findings, which may either be approved or draft findings.

The TAG gathers input from the community as it works on draft findings. Once the TAG approves finding, it announces it to www-tag as an approved finding. The TAG may review the finding if there is substantial opposition.

Approved findings

  1. Mapping between URIs and Internet media types (27 May 2002)
  2. Consistency of Formatting Property Names, Values, and Semantics (25 Jul 2002)
  3. "Deep Linking" in the World Wide Web (11 Sep 2003)
  4. Using QNames as Identifiers (17 March 2004)
  5. URIs, Addressability, and the use of HTTP GET and POST (21 March 2004)
  6. Internet Media Type registration, consistency of use (30 April 2004)
  7. How should the problem of identifying ID semantics in XML languages be addressed in the absence of a DTD? (30 November 2004)
  8. The Disposition of Names in an XML Namespace (9 January 2006)
  9. The Rule of Least Power (23 February 2006)
  10. Authoritative Metadata (22 April 2013)
  11. On Linking Alternative Formats To Enable Discovery And Publishing (1st November 2006)
  12. The use of Metadata in URIs (2 January 2007)
  13. Associating Resources with Namespaces (25 June 2008)
  14. The Self-Describing Web (7 February 2009)
  15. Identifying Application State (1 December 2011)
  16. Good Practices for Capability URLs (October 2014)
  17. Writing Promise-Using Specifications (October 2014)

Draft findings

Archival findings

About TAG findings

At its 4 Nov 2002 teleconference, the TAG agreed to adopt the following policy for managing findings versions.

A finding draft should be treated like a W3C technical report:

Having approved a finding:

Tim Berners-Lee, Noah Mendelsohn, co-chair
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