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SWEO Community Project: Linking Open Data on the Semantic Web

Data sets

This page collects RDF data sets that are part of the emerging Web of Linked Data.

Please note: This page is outdated

For keeping the LOD cloud diagram up to date, the Linking Open Data community effort has started to collect meta-information about Linked datasets on CKAN, a registry of open data and content packages provided by the Open Knowledge Foundation.

The meta-information from CKAN (and not from this page) is used to draw the LOD cloud diagram and to maintain statistics about the size of the Web of Linked Data.

The list of Linked Dataset for which we have already collected meta-information on CKAN is found here:

Basic statistics about these datasets are provided at:

A guide on how to describe your dataset on CKAN is found here:

Thus, if you are publishing a Linked Dataset, please add meta-information about your dataset to CKAN.

Historic Version of this Page

To be part of the Linked Data Web, data has to be accessible as RDF over the HTTP protocol through at least one of the access methods listed below. The more methods the better (but avoid aliases). See also tutorial on How to publish Linked Data on the Web.

Note: a related page exists for Tabular collation of RDF data set archives that is more amenable to discovery and loading of these data sets into RDF data stores (Quad or Triple stores).

The page is part of the SWEO Interest Group Community Projects effort. See also:

How big is this Web of Linked Data?

Please note: The statistics on these pages will be updated in the future with data from CKAN. Also, the statistics collected on CKAN are also used to update the LOD cloud diagram on the LOD start page. So if you publish a dataset yourself or if you know detailed statistics for datasets that you use, please add them to CKAN and we will include them in the next revision of the LOD cloud.

Data sets available with dereferenceable URIs - "Linked Data"

Here are some useful starting points for RDF browsing. Please include an example URI as an entry point for crawlers. (Alphabetical order, please.)

See also: http://esw.w3.org/topic/AnRdfHarvesterStartingPoint

Data sets available via Dynamic RDFizers

See Table of Dynamic RDFizers

Data sets available via SPARQL Endpoints

See Collection of SPARQL Endpoints

Data sets you can RDFize yourself

If you have some data that needs to be RDFized, and wonder how, see this list of software projects that convert data to RDF

Data sets currently being RDFized

Data sets that would be nice to have on the Web of Data

Lots. Please feel free to add plenty :)

Papers and Web Resources on serving Data on the Semantic Web

This section would benefit by being re-sorted into a logical read-order ... or by title ... for now, a quick sort by author.

No longer available

  • Roller Blog Entries: There was a D2R Server running at http://roller.blogdns.net:2020/ which exported blog posts from a Roller Blog Server using the Atom OWL vocabulary. See SPARQLing Roller for details. The D2RQ mapping file should still be useful.

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