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Proposed birds-of-a-feather meeting for XML Europe 2003 (May 5-8) in London about TopicMaps and RDF QueryLanguage interoperation.

Proposed time: Tuesday, 1830-2030, Balmoral room (in the Monarch suite) group dinner afterwards


Current agenda proposal:

  1. Introduction: model comparison RDF/TM (LMG)
  2. Overview of RDF QLs (Libby)
  3. Overview of TM QLs (LMG)
  4. Free-for-all-discussion

Reading list

Reading material on the RDF side:

Reading material on the TopicMaps side:


LarsMariusGarshol is responsible for the agenda (that is, this page). Help from MaryNishikawa, LibbyMiller, DaveBeckett, and DanBri gratefully acknowledged.

context: from #rdfig IRC chat on 2003-04-19

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