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The 5th European Semantic Web Conference, 2008

Conference Dates:
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Get together

Sunday, 1 June, gather at the Sheraton La Caleta Resort & Spa at 5pm. We'll meet somewhere in the lobby, please watch out for the following label:


  • MichaelHausenblas will be around at ESWC arriving on 31 May (Saturday) and leaving on 6 June (Friday), staying at the La Nina (skype: mhausenblas or on IRC/#swig channel)
  • TomHeath I'll be there, though not sure of travel plans just yet. Likely to be leaving on the Thursday.
  • MatthiasSamwald I will be there (I think I'll arrive in the evening of May 31)
  • Southampton: HughGlaser, Ian Millard and AfrazJaffri arriving 19:30 on Sunday June 1st (sorry). Benedicto Rodriguez-Castro arriving Saturday 31st May.
  • OpenLink Software: Orri Erling and Yrjana Rankka are attending. Exact dates are not known but I guess we can add a spare day.
  • CathyDolbear : if not me, someone else from Ordnance Survey will be there.
  • DannyAyers I'll be there, not sure about dates
  • SergioFernandez will try to be there
  • ChrisBizer (anything Saturday till Tuesday is fine for me)
  • NormanGray will be there from late on Saturday
  • RichardCyganiak will be there.


  • Follow up on ideas from earlier gatherings, esp. Beijing 08 and Busan 07
  • Discuss further activities such as panels, workshops, etc.

Lightning Talks

Note that the IRC logger on freenode was not available, hence the log comes from an alternative site, see [1] (thanks to bengee pointing this out).

  1. Tom's overview on linked data (opening the data silos)
  2. Chris introduction to the SWEO LOD project (Tom's and Chris' slides, rerun of the WWW2008 Linked Data slides)
  3. Lightning talks
    1. Orri Erling (OpenLink) about Virtuoso, ODS, Linked Data Deployments, EC2, and things to come.
    2. Richard Cyganiak (DERI) on sindice.com slides
    3. Andraz (Zemanta) on Zemanta
    4. Alexandre on moat
    5. Denny (AIFB) on semanticweb.org
    6. Dan Brickley on SocialGraph
    7. Michael Witbrock on Cyc
    8. Michael Hausenblas on UCI and metaLOD slides
    9. Marko Grobelnik (Josef Stefan) on triple extraction from plain text
    10. Matthias Samwald (Semantic Web company and DERI) on Health Care and Life Sciences
    11. Tom Heath on linkeddata.org

We hope that people will upload their slides, here (or, you could send them to me - I'll do the dirty work, then ;)