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A Distributed Collaborative Application (DCA) platform from OpenLink Software that enables cost-effective creation of Linked Data Web presence from: Weblogs, Wikis, Feed Aggregators, Bookmark Mangers, Discussion Servers, Photo Galleries, and more.

When users create ODS accounts, they are instantly endowed with individual Linked Data URIs that provides data access conduit to their native ODS or external Web accessible data. For example, every Blog Post, WikiWord, Shared Bookmark, Feed Subscription, and more, becomes part of an RDF based graph that incorporates shared ontologies such as FOAF, SIOC, Annotea, AtomOWL, SKOS, SCOT, MOAT, RDF Calendar, and others.


I have Weblogs, Shared Bookmarks (including imports from and my desktop browser), various files in WebDAV (my briefcase), Photos, RSS/Atoms feeds I subscribe to, Calendars, Polls, Discussions Threads, etc. The data items created by my activities as a user of these systems are dereferenceable via the URI: <> (see the "Linked Data" tab for full effect).

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