SVG Accessibility/ExampleImages

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This is an attempt to collect some sample SVG images, representative of different types of content. There are pages for each category where I have put explanations of the images that are as detailed as I have. I think this page is now obsolete...

The goal is to consider how different users will interact with the images, and therefore what are the requirements in terms of information, feedback, navigation, etc.

Feel free to add more images to the different categories, especially ones that explain what they represent. chaals has a bunch still to put up. Please name the images SVG-UC-something so we have a chance of finding them - there are a lot of image files in the wiki already…

Chart Types

The examples have been divided fairly arbitrarily in order to group similar kinds of information:


The sort of straightforward graphs that lower high school kids generally understand - bar charts, line charts, pie charts and simple combinations of those.


More complex graph types, such as boxplots and chord charts, scatter plots, graphs with polar axes, etc…


This includes flowcharts, visualisations of RDF, sets of instructions, decision trees and the like. Anything where you can move from one thing to another, but not necessarily backward.

So it would include process of chemical reactions that were not trivially reversible…


Maps, networks such as metro maps or organisation charts and the like


Different kinds of infographics that we haven't really figured out how to categorise yet. Or don't understand. Or that where whimsical enough to make it into this section.