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Flowcharts, RDF visualisations, process diagrams, decisions trees and the like - stuff where moving from one point to another isn't the same as doing so in the reverse direction - so not simple Mapping Graphs


rectrack.svg on github

Progression through the Recommendation track
Progression through the Recommendation track

A flowchart of the W3C Recommendation Track from First Public Working Draft to Recommendation - showing that documents pass from Working Draft (possibly repeated) to Candidate Recommendation, possibly back to Working Draft or repeated Candidate Recommendation and from there can move to Proposed Recommendation, from Proposed Recommendation they can go to Recommendation or back to Candidate Recommendation.


revisedrec.svg on github

Steps for revising a W3C Recommendation
Steps for revising a W3C Recommendation

A flowchart from the W3C process document, of how a Recommendation can be revised. Decision points include whether there are changes to the text (if not it can be republished) and whether they are substantive - which requires returning at least to PR, and if new features are introduced producing a new First Public Working Draft. This is an expansion on the flowchart of SVG-UC-rectrack.svg


dag.svg on github

An abstract directed graph
An abstract directed graph

An abstract directed node graph, with 8 nodes in 3 colours. The nodes are arranged in 4 partially-empty rows - the top and third row only have a node in the centre. All connection arrows move upward

  • On the bottom, Nodes 5 and 6, in green, only connect to node 4 which is yellow and the only nod in row 3. Node 7, on the left and yellow, also connects to node 4, and connects to node 3, which is green and the leftmost node of row 2.
  • Node 4, yellow and the only node in row 3 connects to all nodes in row 2: node 3 which is green, node 1 which is yellow, and node two which is red.
  • Nodes 3 and 1 connect to node 0 which is red and is the only node on the top row.
  • There are no outgoing connections from nodes 2 or 0.


decisionFlow.svg on github

An abstract directed graph
An abstract directed graph

A decision flow, which only includes one branching point, where some stages have additional labels. The flow goes:

Prospects List
Lead Generation (BDR)
Labels: yellow diamond RL, grey circle C8
Opportunity to Selection (RSM)
Legal Review (Counsel)
Labels: red diamond RH, red circle C1, green diamond RVL
Pricing Review (CFO)
Labels: orange diamond RM, orange circle C1
Contract OK? (decision branch)
Yes - continue
No - return to Legal Review above
Credit Check (Controller)
Labels: yellow diamond R3, orange circle C1
CRM system update (Controller)
Sales close (RSM, Legal)
Label: green diamond R11
Order Processing (CSS)
Fulfilment (IT)
CRM System Update (Controller)
Sales Summary