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PF Review of Informative References to ARIA 1.0 in the Last Call Draft of SVG Tiny 1.2

SVG Tiny 1.2 Informative References to ARIA 1.0

Comment 1: Remove "aria:" in Role Attribute Examples

Commentor: Al Gilman

Reference: string-search for all instances of 'aria:' in the one-page version of the 15 September 2008 draft

Correction: Repair may be implemented by removing the initial substring 'aria:' from the indicated symbols.

The WAI-ARIA approach for indicating role values that are defined in the WAI-ARIA spec is that they appear without a colon-ized prefix.

<quote cite="">

The rules of the host language are used to detect that an element has an attribute with attribute name of "role" and to identify the attribute value string for that attribute. The attribute value string for that attribute is broken into a sequence of whitespace-free substrings by separating on whitespace. The substrings are compared in a case-sensitive comparison with all the names of concrete ARIA roles as defined above. The first such substring in textual order that matches the name of a concrete ARIA role is the name of the applicable ARIA role.


Now, WAI-ARIA is a work in progress, but that is the current state of our host-language implementation approach and I don't expect that part to change.

As these role names appear in an informative capacity in examples, I don't believe this change affects conformance to the subject spec and so should not upset the implementation report status.

Al (on behalf of himself/no PFWG consensus implied -- for early warning)

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