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CSS Development and Co-Ordination


Previous PF Work on CSS

CSS 2.1 Comments and Follow-Up

CSS3 Modules Being Monitored

CSS3 Candidate Recommendations

CSS3 Documents in Last Call

CSS3 Working Drafts

The CSS3 Aural Module versus The CSS3 Speech Module

Resuscitation of Deprecated, Yet Needed, CSS3 Modules

  • CSS3-Reader (dropped by Style Activity March 2008)
    • Abstract: The keyword 'reader' is a media type for use in Media Queries (similar to 'screen', 'print', 'projection', etc.). Devices that might choose to apply rules inside '@media reader' are devices like screen readers, that display a page on screen and speak it at the same time, or display the page and simultaneously render it on a dynamic braille device. The properties that apply to this media type are therefore the combination of the properties for screen, speech and braille.
    • Gregory J. Rosmaita is currently seeking live bodies to work on reviving CSS3-Reader -- outreach is being made to the Braille-in-DAISY group, braille standards bodies and other interested parties

CSS3 Individual Module Issues