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Charles Népote


I am french, born in 1969. I am interested about Knowlegde Management since many years (before "KM" term was created...). I am curently experimenting a SemanticWiki where one can enter whatever triple he wants for a given page or object (it can understand RDF, RDFS and some parts of FOAF, Dublin Core, DAML, etc.). It's in PhP and free software. I will publish the link in a few days (ask me by mail if you are interested) [oh... it's in french].

I have so much questions !... I am beginning with RDF and PhP... and I don't where to ask my question : I tried some french mailing list without success. Wich place is good to ask begginner's questions about RD and the SemanticWeb ? Here are some of my questions :

Is there a difference between rdf:resource and rdfs:Resource ?

See which give : <s:Creator rdf:resource=""/>

an see

Which one do we must prefer ?

Different way of using rdf:type

Is there a difference between :

<Prohibition rdf:about="">

<dc:title>Commercial Use</dc:title>

<dc:description>rights may be exercised for commercial purposes</dc:description>




<rdf:type rdf:resource="cc:Prohibition">

<dc:title>Commercial Use</dc:title>

<dc:description>rights may be exercised for commercial purposes</dc:description>


That's a good question, and I'm copying it to ClassIsTypeProperty. Sadly, I don't know the answer. -- LionKimbro DateTime(2004-06-14T02:18:10)


DLFP: Livre en français sur 1.1