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The Semantic Web Boot Camp MIT IAP course is designed to get you up speed in making data available in RDF on the web. A practical course designed as a series of morning lectures with afternoon clinics to try things out.

This page is to collect related materials, and may be added to by anyone.

Slides from the bootcamp

RDF data of course

Home Pages for the Instructors/Lecturers

For some background materials on the Semantic Web, you might like to check out:

Some useful software/project descriptions/downloads of use in the course:

Course notes

Some useful links

Some important "specifications" (formal or otherwise):

Some links to learning what is happening today on the Semantic Web:

  • PlanetRDF a collection of blogs by Semantic Webbers
  • SWIG an IRC "chump" of links being posted on #swig a Semantic Web chat group