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W3C Advisory Board Meeting 2017-12 San Francisco


The W3C AB meeting in San Francisco:


Please add yourself alphabetical by full name and note any dietary allergies/restrictions/preferences in particular. Optional: Arrive / Depart / Hotel / Flight info.

You may also directly contact the organizer with any and all details you consider sensitive, up to and including even just your expected presence at the meeting.

Total Count: 9

Name (org) Food prefs Arrive date Depart date Hotel Flight info Notes

Tantek Çelik (Mozilla) pescetarian, no goat cheese local local home local organizer, @t
Chris Wilson (Google) omnivore 2017-12-05 2017-12-07 Hotel Nikko arr: Alaska #392 SFO 2:53PM, dpt: Alaska #367 SFO 9:07PM @cwilso +ChrisWilson
David Singer (Apple) omnivore n/a n/a n/a live locally n/a @daithesong (inactive)
Mike Champion (Microsoft) omnivore 2017-??-?? 2017-??-?? (hotel?) (flights?) (website and/or twitter?)
Jay Kishigami (NTT) omnivore 2017-12-04 2017-12-08 Courtyard San Francisco Union Square arr: UA #838 SFO 10:00AM, dpt: UA #837 SFO 10:55AM
Jeff Jaffe (W3C) Kosher 2017-12-05 2017-12-07
Wendy Seltzer omnivore

Remote Participants

We'll try to setup remote participation for folks who can't be there in person but can still participate during the over IRC and hopefully Zakim bridge.

Total: 1

Name (org) Available start datetime Available end datetime Timezone Notes
Natasha (GSMA) 2017-12-06 2017-12-07 Whole meeting (@thisnatasha)


(f2f Agenda)

Tuesday 2017-12-05

Early arrivals - add your name here if you're interested in an informal dinner or other plans on the day/night before the meeting.

  • Tantek Çelik (local)
  • Chris Wilson (arriving mid-afternoon)
  • ...

Wednesday 2017-12-06

Thursday 2017-12-07

Transport to from Airport



  • Taxi (~$50)
  • Uber (~$70)
    • David Baron (talk) thinks Uber X from SFO to near Mozilla should be about $35-$40 given no surge pricing; Uber Pool (shared ride) should be around $17-$20. Lyft / Lyft Line should have similar prices. Note Uber pickups are at the departures level of the airport.

Car rental options are also available at SFO, but I recommend against it as parking & driving in San Francisco city proper are quite challenging.


No preferred hotels in particular. Though see below "Mozilla in SF" for tips.

Travel to and from MozSF

See: Mozilla in San Francisco

Group dinner

Group dinner Wednesday evening

Drinks are at about 6pm at Dave's place, 1233 Howard Street #714. Yes, Mike's Bikes are in the front of the building. Use the doorphone to call to unit 714, we'll buzz you in; come up one short flight of stairs (the lift/elevator is broken) and then follow the corridor to the back on the mezzanine level. 714 is on the left at the back. There is no 7th floor.

Dinner is hosted by Mozilla and Apple at 7:30 at Bar Agricole, a few blocks walk from Dave's place.


Please feel free to add any questions for the organizer here.